A Bounty of Beads

Beads play an essential role in our April Mood Board, but the art has quite a rich history as well. Techniques fall into categories such as loom and off-loom weaving, stringing, bead embroidering, crochet, knitting, and even bead tatting. Beads have been made of everything from bone and clay to glass and crystals.

One of the first processes was discovered in ancient Mesopotamia where faience, a mixture of clays and lime/soda/silica sand, was used to create the beads. It is thought this was important to ancient Egypt where Egyptians made the practice their own art form. This process most likely is what lead to the creation of glass beads as well. If the artist were running low on clay and used extra lime while heating it would create glass.

Beadwork has also always been a staple in Native American culture to tell stories and for tribal use.

 While these are just a few examples of beading history, the art can be traced back to all corners of the world. Modern beadwork still uses many of the traditional practices and can still be seen in most cultures.

We offer a wide variety of modern and classically styled pieces for every taste discrepancy.

Beautiful hand-strung crystal of the highest of qualities – which can be seen in this stunning Tanzanite & Chrysoberyl Bead Necklace:

Also, our Rose Quartz & Diopside Necklace:

As well as the Prehnite and Rose Quartz Necklace:

Explore our extensive jewelry section for the perfect beaded piece to add to your collection.

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