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How to Set an Easter Table

Easter only comes once a year, and for many, it is the most important time of the year. Spring’s arrival brings new life, and we turn to family and friends to celebrate together. These are the golden moments and the memories we treasure. To create these moments, however, careful planning is necessary. Here at Scully & Scully, we’ve come up with some tips to create a beautiful and inviting Easter tablescape.

  • Choose a color scheme:
    • Easter is traditionally associated with pastel colors, such as pink, blue, yellow and green. Consider incorporating these colors into your table decor, or choose a more sophisticated color palette, such as ivory, gold and pale lavender. You can create this color scheme in many ways, but we think an especially creative way could be through figurines, such as these porcelain, pewter and enamel pieces below.
Royal Crown Derby Spring Rabbit
Royal Crown Derby Spring Bunny
  • Use a tablecloth or runner:
    • A tablecloth or runner can help tie your table decor together and add an extra layer of elegance. Choose a white or ivory tablecloth for a classic look, or opt for a pastel-colored runner to bring in some Easter charm.
  • Add a centerpiece:
    • A beautiful centerpiece can be the focal point of your Easter table. Consider using a bouquet of fresh flowers or a seasonal centerpiece, such as William Yeoward’s Crystal Rosa Beehive below. There are innumerable centerpieces you could choose from, however. We have nearly one hundred available for purchase on our website.
William Yeoward Crystal Rosa Beehive Centerpiece
  • Set the table with china and glassware:
    • Use your best china and glassware to create an elegant tablescape. Layer dinner plates, salad plates and bread plates to create depth and dimension. At Scully & Scully, we love to mix and match all the best brands to create a look that is exclusively you.
Scully & Scully is a premier carrier of Anna Weatherley China
  • Use cloth napkins and napkin rings:
    • Cloth napkins and napkin rings can add an extra touch of sophisticated civility and charm to your Easter table. Fold the napkins in a decorative way, such as a fan or bow tie fold, and choose napkin rings that complement your color scheme.
Scully and Scully offers hundreds of different table accents.
  • Consider ambient lighting:
    • Use candles or soft lighting to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere at your Easter table. Use a mix of candlesticks, tea lights, and votives to add depth and interest. We recommend Bernardaud, Baccarat, and Lalique. You can explore all our many lighting options in our table accents section.

From all of us at Scully & Scully, we wish you a wonderful Easter! Whatever style you choose to use, remember that the key to setting any elegant Easter table is to keep it simple and cohesive. By choosing a color scheme and using high-quality materials, you can create a beautiful and inviting tablescape that your guests will love.

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