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Call of the Wild: Animal Prints and Accents

Certain looks defy categorization.  Take leopard, tiger, or any other animal-inspired “look”. Fashion observers are always quick to scream “trend”, but the look has transcended the term.  Exotic prints in fashion and home decor are a timeless, classic look that signifies the epitome of chic.  For example, a leopard print throw, or chair, sits comfortably in both traditional and modern decor.  The trick is in the placement.

The same goes for fashion and jewelry.  Pair luscious gold jewelry with a more staid outfit, preferably in black.  It not only sets a canvass for the jewelry to truly shine, but balances the more ornate, and exotic, jewelry pieces.  A perfect combination for the holiday season.

Take a look at some of our favorite jewelry pieces, and animal inspirations.  Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more photos. Showstopping indeed.

animal print home decor jewelry 18K gold

1. Tiger Pin with Diamond Collar
2. Zebra Giraffe Cheetah 18K YG Cuff
3. Halcyon Days Tiger Enamel Box
4. Cheetah Bracelet with Paws
5. Tiger Cufflinks
leopard print cartier
Making an entrance at Cartier
leopard print home decor cornelia guest
Cornelia Guest’s Templeton Estate
pierre balmain leopard print fashion
Pierre Balmain, Autumn 1948.
leopard home decor
From New England Home