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Bride of the Month: Blue and White Meissen

Reds and pinks are a staple during February, but blue and white remain a year-round favorite. February’s Bride of the Month adds a temporary spin to traditional china through mixing and matching two historic patterns from none-other-than Meissen.

The blue associated with Meissen’s designs only adds to the value of this bridal tabletop. In 1739, the manufacturer discovered that through a unique combination of cobalt and oxygen, rich, blue hues would survive even the extreme heat needed to fire porcelain. The first pattern to wear this new color was the Blue Onion, as noted in this tabletop.

Mixed with this ground-breaking motif is part of Meissen’s Royal Blossom. At the behest of Augustus III, the “Snowball Blossoms” was designed by Johann Joachim Kaendler in the same year that the Blue Onion was created. Since its creation, the blossoms have remained one of the porcelain manufactory’s distinguished motifs.

The other beautiful pieces in this wedding registry include Saint Louis’ Oxymore water goblet and dark blue wine hock.

Also pictured is our blue stainless-steel Capdeco Conty flatware set.

Our wedding registry allows brides to register for Meissen and any of the other extensive, acclaimed brands that we carry. Whether it be fine china, crystal, silver, furniture, or exclusive items, there is the perfect gift to bring with you into this new chapter. If you would like to register with us, please go to our website to learn more or call our Registry Department to make an appointment in-person: 1-800-223-3717.

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