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Decorative Mirrors: The Frame as Art

Looking for an effortless way to add elegance to any room?  A gold mirror fits perfectly into any setting, from living room to bedroom.  At Scully & Scully, mirrors are a design staple.  It is perhaps the most versatile accessory, seamlessly integrated across the design spectrum, from traditional to modern.  The intricate details and molding of our gilded mirrors can offset the clean lines of a more modern interior, and compliment a more classic approach to decorating.  Some of our favorites include:

decorative mirror regency gold leaf antique
Regency Mirror Antique Gold Leaf. scullyandscully.com.
decorative mirror rondel eagle
Rondel Mirror with Eagle. scullyandscully.com
gold mirror wedding registry ideas
“French Hunt” Gold Mirror. scullyandscully.com

Keep in mind that the frame itself serves as the piece of art, so place accordingly.  Mirror placement depends on your individual design tastes.  Hanging above a mantel or as the centerpiece of any room is the traditional approach.  But think outside the box for those who might be more daring.  Group together to create a mirror montage, or place a bit off center behind the couch as part of a larger wall art ensemble.  There is no right or wrong; but choose a decorative mirror that speaks to you.

Take a look at some classic interiors, along with some current rooms for more inspiration.  Find more images on our Pinterest page.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is a treasure trove of antique furniture and decor, particularly its extensive American and French collections.  The Haverhill Room is the formal parlor (now furnished as a bedroom) from a house that originally belonged to James Duncan Jr. (1756–1822). Its interior represents the Neoclassical style of architecture that prevailed during the early 1800s.

decorative mirrors met museum
The Haverhill Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gallery 729.

A recreation of the Hôtel de Tessé in the mid-18th century, a Parisian townhouse situated along the Seine River.  The interior includes pieces originally owned by Marie Antoinette.

 tesse room decorative mirrors met museum
Hôtel de Tessé in Paris, mid-18th century, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gallery 528.

For today’s modern homes:

decorative mirrors bathroom
Mirror accent in the bathroom.
decorative living room mirrors
A decorative mirror as part of a wall collage in the living room.
decorative mirrors above mantel
Gold decorative framed mirror above the mantel. With a touch of modern accents.