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Guide to Creating the Perfect Summer Tabletop

Summer is the time for “…” 

You can complete this sentence with any word you choose, and you wouldn’t be wrong! One of the many gifts that summer brings, besides warm sunny days, is the time to experiment with different styles in all areas of our lives. The perfect outlet for this creative energy is our home, where we can enjoy the fruits of our labor well beyond the season. And if you are on any social media sites, (including ours) you might have already been bitten by the envy bug for seasonal tabletops in particular. Here are some of the many tabletops that captured our hearts this summer:

It’s obvious that tables hold a special place in many of our hearts – it’s where we envision unions, celebrations and meaningful conversations taking place. The fact that food, arguably the universal language for communication and understanding, is also associated with tabletops makes the quest to get tabletops perfect, a worthy use of your time. Given these reasons, our blog this week is dedicated to tips on how to make summer tables more special, with unique & handmade items from Scully & Scully. We hope to inspire you to also experiment outside of your comfort zone, as you get ready to take advantage of the long warm days that summer offers, and host parties, family gatherings and maybe even date nights.

Theatrical Themes

Nothing says summer like themed tables and rightly so, because when else can you be so ostentatious with no judgement? We all know the usual themes – aquatic, floral, safari – that are particularly popular for this time of the year. If you’ve never tried to recreate these tables we recommend you go ahead and take the plunge – it’s sure to be as fun to put together as it will be to eat around it!

Take a look at some of the most popular items for themed tables:

Moser Ocean Life Whisky Double Old Fashioned Glasses
Sea Shells Mats & Coasters
Herend Aquatic Dessert
Halcyon Days Safari Coasters
Safari Double Old Fashioned in Amber
Herend Reserve Safari Animals
Anna Weatherley Bouquet of Flowers
Anna Weatherley Romantic Pastels

Party Pastels

Not everyone is a fan of bold themes and we understand. That’s why pastels, arguably the colors of summer, are the next best choice. Envision a Marie Antoinette style tablescape, where soft pastel colored porcelain meets delicate detailing, with table decor that helps further solidify the theme – a royal treatment for everyone gathered around it indeed! Here are some of our best items for both regal and playful tabletops:

Royal Crown Derby Harlequin
Willam Yeoward Avington Cachepot
Harlequin Mats & Coasters

The Golden Grace

There is something about gold that makes us think of summer night elegance and thus, having it on our china not only adds sophistication, but is also way to stay on theme! This particular style might be more appropriate for dinners and  gatherings at night, for example out in nature, under a starlit warm summer sky. To make the rim more apparent in the dark, opt for china with stark contrasts. A for decor, choose equally audacious ones such as the bold vases & statuettes from Daum or your favorite Herend figurines and watch an elegant and luxurious table come alive before your eyes.

Royal Limoges Oasis Black & Gold
Daum Crystal Sand Candleholders
Ginori Oriente Italiano Iris with Gold Trim
Daum Crystal Fleur de Paon

Fancy a Fruit?

Be reminded of the succulent summer fruits with these colorful plates, way beyond summer itself. Mottahedeh is especially crafty with hand-painting fruit assortments as is the French brand, Gien.

Gien Oiseau Bleu Fruits
Mottahedeh Citrus
Traditional Hooker Fruits Mats & Coasters
Herend Fruits & Flowers
Mottahedeh Duke of Gloucester


The Parisian Picnic

Speaking of the French, does anything say a picture perfect moment as a date around a Parisian-style table? The quintessential tabletop found in French restaurants or picnics is minimalistic yet intentional with details. Case in point: 




We thought that these items from Scully & Scully would help you achieve similar tables and have the romantic date you envisioned abroad, right in the comfort of your home.

Gien Filet Peony, Dessert Plate
William Yeoward American Bar Lillian Wine Glass
Daum Crystal Eternal Rose
JL Coquet Georgia White Dinner Plate
Waterford Elegance Optic Collection Wine Glasses
Christofle Albi Silverplated Oval Tray with Handles
Circus Oval Leather Tray
Waterford Elegance Collection, Wine Glasses

Whichever style you choose, we hope that you have fun doing setting your tables this summer! We guarantee that if you treat tabletop styling as a pleasurable leisure activity, the time & the consideration that you put into it will always outshine the accuracy of the results. As always, leave your comments below and let us know if you were able to try any of these styles! 


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