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How to Choose the Perfect Accent Chair for Your Living Room

Chairs have come a long way since the first seats were invented in ancient Egypt, back in 2680 B.C. Today, an abundance of styles, colors, and materials can make shopping for your dream chair a bit challenging. Perhaps you’re considering new accent chairs for your living room and aren’t certain where to start. Several things need to be taken into consideration, especially when you’re keeping other focal pieces such as sofas and tables. As every interior decorator can tell you, accent chairs can add a splash of class and personality to a room, but they can also clash with other pieces. Here is a short guide to help you choose the perfect chair or pair for your living room.

How to Decorate with Accent Chairs

  1. Style: Many people love mixing furniture styles, e.g. antiques and contemporary, although doing so effectively takes a good deal of finesse. It’s best to decide on an overall theme and buy accent chairs that match or complement other room décor. You can always add creative touches by placing a few eclectic home accessories on mantles and tables.
  2. Comfort: Unless you view chairs like hands-off sculptures at the Met, you’ll want to select chairs that invite you to curl up and read your favorite novel or comfy enough to entertain your friends.
  3. Pattern: Upholstery is available in many patterns, from subtle and stately to bold and flashy. If other pieces of furniture in the living room feature solid colors, a variety of patterned accent chairs may work well.
  4. Color: Selecting colors that complement one another is crucial unless you love discordant interiors. For example, if your showpiece sofa is burgundy, you could opt for chairs with beige, white, gold, and pale blue, or fabrics with a muted color palette.
  5. Fabric: Choose fabric that fits your lifestyle to ensure you can enjoy it for years to come. Leather is a great choice if you have children and pets. If your heart is set on those gorgeous silk covered armchairs, consider protecting the fabric with professional quality protectant spray recommended by the maker.

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Available in three opulent earth tone colors that will beautifully complement any decor, our classic high-backed, cushioned leather armchair will have you sitting in ultimate comfort. This regal beauty will make you feel like the queen or king of your castle!


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