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How to Properly Store Wine Glasses

Wine has a long history of being a favorite celebratory beverage, and the setup of wine glasses necessitates a certain storage and display for a perfectly memorable gathering. Take a look at the following tips for how to store wine glasses the proper way.

  1. Face Up: It’s often better to store wine glasses upward instead of downward after a rinse in the dishwasher. This allows any remaining moisture to release itself from the glass on its own. If your wine glasses are facing upward for a long period of time, take a moment to rinse them out for any dust that may have collected.
  2. Face Down: On the contrary, placing some glasses upward and others downward can help save space in smaller cabinetries and even enhance the look with cabinets featuring glass or an open-air design.
  3. Be Delicate: The thin rim of a wine glass is more delicate than the rest of the glass, so don’t run your fine glassware in the dishwasher or set them in a cupboard where the glass is at risk of getting chipped or broken. Placing crystal downward also increases the chances of breakage.
  4. Rotate Often: If you happen to have a large collection of fine wine glasses, rotation is imperative. Rotating your glasses ensures even greater longevity, otherwise using the same glasses could potentially wear them down.
  5. Get Creative: If you want to put your stemware on display as part of the kitchen decor, consider splurging on a wall rack that allows you to hang them upside down from the base of the glass. If you’re a DIY maven, you can even build a customized wall rack for yourself or even find something vintage, then give it a new finish with a fresh clear coating or new paint color.

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