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Ideas & Inspiration for DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Make weddings even more memorable with your friends at Scully & Scully. We’ve got all the inspiration and decorative accessories necessary for creating one-of-a-kind DIY centerpieces. In addition to the product selections below featuring some of our most popular vases, we’ve put together a list of ideas for making your centerpieces pop.

  1. Consider the size of the centerpiece: Smaller setups and vases call for something subtle and sweet, even as little as 2 or 3 accent flowers. Larger vases are best for arrangements that are bold and blooming.
  2. Calculate the time of wedding prep, ceremony, and reception: Freshly bought flowers with really thick stems are the most likely to withstand long periods of time without any noticeable signs of wilting.
  3. Speaking of stems: If the flowers don’t arrive pre-cut, simply cut the bottom few inches and remove any thorns prior to placing them in water for ultimate beauty and nourishment. Some necessary tools for this project includes shears, flower food, waterproof floral tape, and stem strippers.
  4. Get creative with color: Find flowers, ribbons, and other decorative items in colors that complement the wedding’s theme. For instance, a winter-themed wedding could use a splash of icy blue contrast against snow white shades; meanwhile rustic weddings with autumnal colors go perfectly with celebratory yellows and orange hues that stand out brightly.
  5. Find ways to mix-and-match centerpiece accessories: Depending on the theme, it’s important to either create or decorate candle holders and other special trinkets designed to mark the special occasion. Keep it simple with a single candlestick adorned by ribbons and rose petals, or create a gorgeous cacophony of lighting with a set of stacked candles for a dimensional layering effect.
  6. Keep the guests excited and entertained: Give the reception a personal touch with handmade table numbers and place settings placed inside clear float frames. Another fun idea goes beyond the traditional guestbook by placing fine-point permanent markers alongside small garden stones for each person to write their own sweet messages for the bride and groom to take home with them.

Below, we’ve also highlighted some of our favorite items for making your DIY wedding table centerpieces extra picture-worthy.  


clear pauline-vase

This handmade, mouth-blown crystal from France encompasses the style and detail of Baccarat. Every table centerpiece needs a natural floral touch, and this vase is sure to make it special with defined lines and a classy widening that opens outward from the mid-level to the top of the vase.


With inspiration drawn from Medici vases, this one-of-a-kind design originates from 1939 Versailles by Rene Lalique. It’s a piece that has not only withstood the test of time, but continues to remain contemporary to this very day. The Lalique Versailles Vase is a true collector’s item that never goes out of style.



Depending on your home’s color design scheme, the Moser Wersin Vase can work as a complementary item or something truly unique that stands apart. The dazzling cuts were originally designed by Wolfgang von Wersin circa 1940, and remains a staple of centerpieces to this very day.


Give those smaller hand-picked flowers a place to call home. This vase is a practical, elegant place for short-stem flowers, such as zinnias, to hang out in style.  


Sometimes we receive flowers and then concern ourselves with where to put them. Having the Baccarat Diva Vase on standby makes it easy to protect and display flowers in a hurry.

With these unique specialties in tow, creating DIY centerpieces for weddings has never been easier or more elegant.

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