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Red Alert: Design Ideas

red decorating ideas
Park Avenue Classic Red

Red is the most powerful color in the rainbow spectrum.  A true statement color, it evokes feelings of passion, energy, and liveliness.  While bold in concept, the overall effect can be softened.  Use in accent pieces only, or use a more subtle red color to lessen the visual impact.

For the bold at heart, red walls are a classic choice.  The White House’s famous Red Room included wall coverings and upholstery in the same vivid shade of red.  The overall look is stately, refined, and chic.

red room white house
Red Room, White House

Another famous fan of the color red?  Former fashion editor and cultural doyenne Diana Vreeland, who commissioned designer Billy Baldwin to create an all red living room.  Pattern upon pattern, red accessories galore, and a true garden style wallpaper effect, the room reflected Mrs. Vreeland’s exuberant and tour de force personality.

diana vreeland living room new york city
Diana Vreeland’s Living Room, New York City
red living room diana vreeland
Red is in the details.
red decorating ideas
Red Foyer
red decorating ideas
A Red-Inspired Living Room
red living room
Red with a Safari Influence

At Scully & Scully, choose from a stunning array of red accent pieces in-store and on-line, to suite every wish.  From jewelry and travel, to home decor and bar ware, don’t be afraid to go bold and daring!

flat rasberry red lamp
Flat Rasberry Lamp, scullyandscully.com
halcyon days red bangle
Halcyon Days Red/Gold Bangle 

pint seahorse paperweight royal crown derby
Royal Crown Derby Pink Seahorse, scullyandscully.com
barker ellis brandy decanter
Barker Ellis Round Ruby Brandy Decanter, scullyandscully.com
small leather travel trolley red
Small Leather Travel Trolley in Red, scullyandscully.com
18k gold hipp cufflinks diamonds
18K Hippo Gold Cufflinks, scullyandscully.com