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Spring Forward With Freywille

As winter’s end draws nearer, as frigid gusts become cool breezes, as the thaw makes way for budding blossoms, ever closer on the horizon looms an event which has for those in the Western Hemisphere inspired equal parts eager anticipation and anxious dread: daylight savings time. This event is truly a cultural double-edged sword; losing an hour of precious Saturday night sleep may or may not be a worthwhile tradeoff for an extra hour of daylight depending on whom you speak to. Perhaps the naysayers are simply springing forward clocks and watches of undesirable quality. After all, if you’re going to lose an hour of sleep, you might as well gain an extra hour of daylight in style. For this springing forward 2022, we’ll examine the Vincent van Gogh L’Amandier series by Freywille.

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Almond Blossom is an iconic painting created by the artist Vincent van Gogh in mid-March 1888. By this point in his life, Van Gogh had mastered his personal painting style, blending impressionism, divisionism, and Japanese woodblock cut into a wholistically unique form of expression. A nature enthusiast from birth, Van Gogh reveled at the entirety of the springtime experience in classic romantic fashion; the season’s symbolism of rejuvenation and rebirth was of particular importance to his troubled personal life, and in Almond Blossom he captured that yearning feeling of early springtime’s unbridled optimism. It is this optimism which endows a unique essence of jubilance to Freywille’s Turquoise Helena Watch. Featuring 24k gold plated accents, this luxurious piece of jewelry blooms vibrantly forth with Van Gogh’s unrestrained vivacity, an essential piece of spring apparel. Similarly striking are the elegant bangles and bracelets which likewise showcase these beautiful designs. Unsurprising, the partnership between the legendary Van Gogh and the masterful artisans at Freywille has yielded truly breathtaking pieces of opulent springtime jewelry.

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