Statement Jewelry: On the Runway

Ask any stylish woman to list her essential key pieces, and statement jewelry is sure to top the list.  A classic, time-honored accessory, statement necklaces and earrings add an individual touch to any ensemble.  With New York Fashion Week wrapping up, the runways again were awash with beautiful jewelry.  Take Oscar de la Renta’s stunning Spring 2014 collection, both feminine and sophisticated. Never mind the already exquisitely detailed dresses in flower motifs; the statement jewelry paired wonderfully to present another layer of texture.   But why wait for next Spring to arrive?  Stay ahead of the trend by adding a pair of Scully & Scully earrings or necklaces to your collection, for a truly timeless and elegant look.

scully and scully statement jewelry runway

1)    Blue Topaz Chandelier Earrings

2)   Pink Cabochon Tourmaline Earrings

3)   Blue Topaz Amethyst Tear Drop Earrings

4)   Diamond Sprinkle Daisy Necklace

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