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The Christmas Pyramid: A History

Holiday decorations often hold a cherished place, carrying on family traditions developed over many generations. Those traditions are a reflection of sometimes centuries old customs, adding a touch of authenticity and sentiment to your home. Such is the case with the wooden Christmas Pyramid, crafted by miners in the Erzgebirge Region, Germany, more than 200 years ago. A local, handcrafted tradition originally created as a symbol of light, pyramids are said to be the precursor to the modern Christmas tree.

What began with a simple rod construction evolved into more elaborate designs over the years, growing in detail and size.  Known in Germany as the Weihnachtspyramide, its popularity grew with to discovery of kerosene in 1830, allowing a cheaper method to light the pyramids. Today, the Christmas pyramid remains immensely popular in Germany, with life-sized pyramids taking center stage in holiday markets.

For those continuing family traditions, the unveiling of the Christmas pyramid marks the true beginning of the holidays. We are proud to offer authentic, German-crafted pyramids for your own holiday decor. Peruse our on-line catalogue and start your own traditions today.

scully and scully christmas pyramid
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scully and scully christmas pyramid
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