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The Ultimate Guide to the Sophisticated Barbecue (Yes, it can be done)

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned barbecue on a sunny day, a chance to both reconnect with our loved ones and to practice the age-old, American tradition of building communities outdoors, over abundant food, nonetheless? But when we are getting ready for these events, we rarely venture out to think about setting the atmosphere for the scene. In fact, when we hear “barbecue”, most of us probably picture a functionally sound but an aesthetically out-of-tune black grill and paper plates and plastic utensils, which are as damaging to the presentation of the event as they are to the environment. This doesn’t have to be the case.
The Scandinavians and the Japanese believe so strongly in the power of setting the atmosphere for everything that they do, that even their lounging areas are meticulously designed, with a blend of items that showcase their personality and their keen stylish eye. Here are some examples:

You can now do the same by elevating the style in which you barbecue, making the process of preparing and hosting one, a culture of its own. Your friends will be impressed, and while your family is there to be that personal touch, all your careful attention to detail will be the taste that had been lacking from this otherwise delicious event.

Plates with Personality

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The easiest way to add a sophisticated touch to your barbecues is to upgrade your tabletop ware. You want your items to be functional and elegant but you want to avoid the use of overly delicate dinnerware and designs, as they either run the risk of breaking under the weight of the meaty goodness or making your barbecue look like a tea party, rather than the family oriented get-together it is supposed to be. Keep in mind that even though porcelainware is associated with upscale dining, it is one of the most durable and nonporous materials, making it the perfect, simple yet elegant choice for outdoor events. Also, consider brighter colors as accents to your table to give your cookout a subtle elegant touch, without overshadowing the casual and relaxed feel of the event. Equally important to note, the incorporation of bold, whimsical patterns and illustrations can be appreciated by even the youngest guests of your soiree.

Compilation of Colorful Plates


As for décor, if you want indestructible and outdoor proof pieces, look for items made of melamine, the most durable material for tableware. These avian coasters and placemats are guaranteed to withstand the messiest of eaters and drinkers, while simultaneously serving as statement pieces.

Exotic Bird Placemats and Coasters

Barware for Conversation

William Yeoward Country Wisteria Carafe and Tumbler


Besides upscaling the quality of your drinks, you can also add a special touch to how they will be served. Elegant and luxe glassware have a longstanding heritage of incorporating family values and tradition into their design and can serve as perfect conversation starters. The same as tabletop ware, you don’t want to shy away from pattern cuts on glassware. Matching the floral patterns with the rest of your décor will help you put together both a sophisticated and a coordinated look.
Aside from drinking glasses, barware extends to the tools you can use to help serve your drinks. For example, you can add subtle details by opting for a floral tray or a silver cooler.

William Yeoward Palymra Ice Bucket
Gold Hummingbird Trellis Lacquered Tray

Gripping Flatware 

For those who like to consider even the smallest details, you can even add a personal touch to the flatware. While silver flatware is durable enough for the outdoors, you can offer extra protection by choosing silverware with bamboo grips. If bamboo is not your forte, experiment with other stylish grips and hear the compliments flow in.

Juliska Natural Bamboo Stainless Steel 5-piece Set


Regardless of the set you settle on, remember to enjoy the upcoming summer days and to cherish the summer days spent with you loved ones. We hope that with some mixing and matching and perhaps a bit of trial and error, you can curate the perfect set to help you celebrate those moments.

Let us know in the comments section what you’re excited to try!


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