Wedding Registry Tips: Place Settings Etiquette

The centerpieces of any wedding registry are fine china, silver, and crystal, the traditional items to create a perfectly elegant dinner.  The first step is choosing the china pattern, around which all else revolves.  At Scully & Scully, we carry the country’s largest collection of fine china, gorgeously displayed in our Park Avenue showroom.  Looking for some inspiration?Two favorite lines include Hermes and Herend Fine China.

1) Hermes Fine China

Born from the equestrian tradition, Hermes fine china patterns reflect a touch of whimsy with an exquisite brand lineage. Three popular patterns include:

Balcon du Guadalquivir:  Recalls the ironwork of Andalusian towns in vivid red and white.

hermes china balcon du guadalquivir
Hermes, Balcon du Guadalquivir in Red

Bleus d’Ailleurs: Graceful nomadic blue, this blue and white story draws from the endless journeys between Europe and the Orient.


Cheval d’Orient:  Created in the style of Persian miniatures, the pattern includes intricately detailed elements of horse harnesses into a rich canvass.

hermes china cheval d'orient
Hermes, Cheval d’Orient

2) Herend

Offering the largest selection of Herend fine china in the United States, brides-to-be can select from popular patterns such as:

herend china fish scale
Herend, Fish Scale Pattern
herend rothschild bird pattern
Herend, Rothschild Bird Pattern
herend china queen victoria
Herend, Queen Victoria Pattern
herend chinese bouquet china
Herend, Chinese Bouquet Pattern

While tradition dictated a rather strict protocol when it came to standardized place settings, today’s bride has the luxury of tailoring pieces around her specific needs and lifestyle preferences. We typically advise brides to register for 12 place settings.  While each place setting can include a number of different pieces, final selection should depend on your needs.

Think of the typical meal you would serve, and what dishes would be needed.  For example, you may find traditional cups and saucers would not get much use at a dinner party.  Instead, choose a few mugs that will match your pattern should someone want coffee or tea afterwards.

How should you place all of your new china? Take advice from etiquette maven Emily Post on how to set a formal table, with this useful diagram as guide.

formal place setting
Formal Place Setting

In the end, however, the beauty lies in your own unique interpretation.  Add decorative touches such as flowers, place holders, and fine linens for a truly luxurious feel.  While the process of assembling a perfect wedding registry may seem overwhelming at first, our trusted wedding registry experts are here for guidance and to take care of the details.

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