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Why We Love Handmade Items

There’s something romantic about owning handmade items. Maybe it’s the fact that machines, despite being able to attain a “perfect” outcome each time, can’t replicate the artistry behind a talented pair of hands. Hand-crafted items have a touch of realness, that reflects the effort that went into their making and their imperfections are idiosyncratic, making them one of a kind. In a way, the items are a means for self expression to travel from the creator to consumer, who can continue to use the artist’s design as an avenue for their own stylistic expression. 

At Scully & Scully, we strive to present you with unique items that are cared for at every step and made by only the best craftsmen. To show our appreciation for what maybe the forgotten art of handcrafting, we decided to showcase select brands that are famous for making things by hand. While this list is not a complete list of all manufacturers that hand-make their products for Scully & Scully (in fact there are so few that don’t) we hope it serves as an introduction. Be sure to leave your comments below, and keep checking our blog for new posts every week! 


Herend is one of our most cherished brands, and the amount of years we partner with them (over 60!) reflects their excellent record as master craftsmen. Herend has many followers because not only are their items unique, but each piece requires artistic technique that only handful of artists are entrusted with performing. They do every step by hand, from the mixing of clay to the hand-painting of porcelain. They also use their own unique paint colors  and have to create the 24k gold accent with such finesse, that this step alone has a designated artist.

Bestsellers from Herend:

Herend Chinese Bouquet, Blue


Herend Bear with Honey


Herend Early Bird


Herend Rothschild Bird


Moser is often quoted to be glass made for kings, which stems from their history of being commissioned to make glassware for royalty. The same grueling process goes into making a single Moser piece now, with the brand boasting one of the highest quality rejection rates in the industry, with about 65 percent of their items being discarded during quality assurance. This number is even more shocking when you know that each step is performed by hand, including the gilding & etching that requires hours of focused attention. A designated group of 6 master engravers are responsible for scene etching, an example of which is found on the Moser Safari Bowl, created exclusively for Scully & Scully.

Moser Safari Vase

Even in the case of heavier bowls or vases, artists are expected to cut the crystal themselves, which can include having to hold the heavy items at certain angles for hours at a time to achieve precise cuts.

Bestsellers from Moser:

Moser Pebbles Double Old Fashioned Glasses
Moser Shot Glasses

Royal Crown Derby

Royal Crown Derby is one of the few brands in the industry that still uses bone-china as the base for their dinnerware. While the process of molding bone china is no easy feat, the artists employed at their workshops are trained extensively for the task. Continuing on the tradition of creating excellent figurines and china, the brand is regarded as one of the best for classic dinnerware and tea sets.

Royal Crown Derby Chelsea Duet

As for the intricate patterns Royal Crown Derby is known for, their workshop employs 20 lithographers who decorate china by hand, with each piece taking a few hours to complete.

Bestsellers from Royal Crown Derby:

Royal Crown Derby Olde Avesbury
Royal Crown Derby Imari Accent Plates
Royal Crown Derby Goldfinch

Wood Crafting 

Most of the furniture sold at Scully & Scully is created by hand from the very beginning – the video below shows craftsmen hard at work, hand-carving & hand-designing furniture.

Finished products:

Mahogany and Oak Executive Desk
Oval Side Table
Mahogany Floor Lamp

This video shows the making of a a single tree figurine. Each tree is then painted and allowed to dry for 2 days to ensure perfect coverage and hue.

Finished product:

Deciduous Tree with Blue Bird


One of the most time consuming pieces to make is the Ecume series by Bernardaud, which requires artists to create each hollow engraving by hand. The end result is worth it, as the series is loved by many, and models as a fine example of modern yet classy set.

Bernardaud Ecume Or
Bernardaud Ecume Mordore




Silver is not an easy metal to craft but Christofle has perfected the art  in the 200 years since it’s been in business. Famous for making sterling silver  & silver-plated tableware, the company still uses age old trades such as hand-spinning, hand-embossing and hand-carving to make intricate designs. The entirely handmade manufacturing process is what made Christofle one of the top silverware producers in the world.

Bestsellers from Christofle:

Christofle Fidelio Silverplated Picture Frames


Christofle Vertigo Silverplated Cocktail Servers


Christofle Perles Sterling Silver Flatware



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