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15 Beautiful Bedroom Decor Ideas


Thinking about giving your bedroom a new look? Scully & Scully has all the most luxurious bedroom decor accessories for bringing your dreams into reality. Check out these 15 interesting ways to make the bedroom your new favorite room in the house.  

  1. Create a statement wall: Sometimes all it takes to make a major change is by changing the wall where the headboard is located. Depending on the theme, bedding with solid colors goes well with patterned wallpaper, and vice versa. Alternatively, a dark charcoal or gray color can make a bold statement in an otherwise colorful room. Remember that contrast is key!
  2. Go against the grain: If leather or wood looks just aren’t your thing, create a slightly more minimalist look by adding decor comprised of shiny metals and glass.
  3. Adjust lighting to the color scheme: If you are working with darker themes, lighting should be bold and bright. Consider adding wall sconces, overhead lighting that hangs on the ceiling, and floor lamps to the space. For rooms that are already bright or colorful, keep the lighting dim in contrast to inspire more restful sleep.
  4. Mix patterns, prints, and solids: This one can be a little tricky. Sometimes patterns that seem to compete can actually complete. For example, chinoiserie accessories pair well with floral wallpapers, meanwhile chevrons often pay compliments to polka dots.
  5. Add a canopy to the bed: Hard time falling asleep? Just like blankets make us feel tucked in, a canopy over the bed can do the same thing. It adds a nice feeling of comfy closeness, especially in larger bedrooms.
  6. Upgrade bedroom decor with brand new accessories: Give any room a small (or major) change by adding or replacing bedroom accessories with new clocks, duvet covers, furniture, or whatever else suits your fancy in order to make the space feel more at home.
  7. Consider layering textiles: This is a good option for people who have hardwood floors. In addition to an area rug under and surrounding the bed, find smaller, complementary rugs and place them on top of the primary rug.
  8. Install a new headboard: If you’re tired of having the headboard that came with your original bed, remove it! Think about bedroom wall decorating ideas instead. Mount a large, cushioned headboard against the wall instead and enjoy the feeling of being in an elegant hotel room that was made just for you.
  9. Swap out artwork with new paintings: Dedicate a windowless wall to your favorite pictures and art. Imagine the horizontally lined walls of an art gallery, and then follow suit.silver-lotus-wall-panels-set-of-2
  10. Get into smart home tech: The latest advancements in technology are making it easier to create a space that is as functional as it is beautiful. Smartphone-operated smart home functions like lighting, alarm systems, and even the TV can all be controlled from the comforts of your own bed.
  11. Return to the great outdoors: Adding flowers and plants to the room is an amazingly easy way to (literally) give life to any bedroom, no matter the motif.
  12. Keep it timeless: Trends come and go. It’s better to stick with classic, traditional pieces that won’t lose their luster anytime soon. Forego the fads of the day in favor of thoughtful investments.
  13. Go black and white chic: If you’re not into bold colors, you can always rely on hard black and whites that contrast one another. This look never goes out of style and works perfectly with more modern themes comprised of crystal and chrome.
  14. Put in a fireplace: Living rooms aren’t the only spot for a cozy fireplace. Bedrooms are becoming a popular choice for adding a warm fireplace to the home. Glass-ensconced, direct-vent fireplaces with fire rocks will make any bedroom reading nook much more appealing.
  15. Tranquility is key: At the end of the day (or night), the bedroom’s ultimate purpose is to serve as a place for getting some good sleep. Think about the different designs that bring you the most peace, and then design accordingly with your unique vision in mind.


For more decor ideas and inspiration, be sure to visit our full collection of bedroom decor and accessories to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

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