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Tabletop Inspiration for Easter Dinner

From German-American holiday traditions like the Easter bunny to religious traditions, Easter is a special time of year for everyone in many ways. Make this Easter holiday extra memorable with a beautiful tabletop that perfectly sets the tone for dinner.

Of course, the centerpiece is always the mainstay of every beautiful table setting so we recommend starting there. Get creative with an assortment of pastel-colored flowers by placing them in a set of nymphea paradis bleu vases made from authentic Royal Limoges porcelain. Consider surrounding the centerpiece with homemade Easter eggs to give your floral bouquet a touch of holiday whimsy.  


Next, spread out some cute figurines throughout the table between serving dishes lined along the mid-center of the table from end-to-end. Halcyon Days bunnies are an excellent choice, or for something a little different, take a look at these adorable gardener children figurines for even more inspiration.


No holiday tabletop is complete without a set of seasonal accent plates either. Keep the springtime theme going with fine dinnerware featuring flowery designs that complement the floral centerpiece as well as any other unique touches you’ve already included.


Here are some other fun ideas for Easter dinner to consider:

  • Pastel pink floral wreaths surrounding wide candles
  • Napkin rings made from small bundles of flowers
  • Easter-themed place cards such as Pinterest-style DIY bunnies and eggs
  • Dedicate a small space with family photos from Easters’ past stacked together so they can easily be passed around among guests
  • Fill a jar with pastel jelly beans and host a “guess how many” contest for the kids
  • Hide easter eggs throughout the dining area on surrounding bookshelves and atop thick picture frames for a pre- or post-dinner party egg hunt

Find even more Easter-inspired ideas by shopping our collection of beautiful essentials to make your tabletop the best it has ever looked. Happy Easter from all of us at Scully & Scully!

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