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8 Pieces for a Cozy Winter

Winter is at last upon us. Though most of us here in New York City escaped the subzero temperatures of that Christmas Arctic blast, we can definitely expect that cold weather to be rolling in. No matter where you are, these ten products are a must to get you through these frigid months.

  • Woven Alpaca Throws
    • Alpaca fur is naturally soft, luxuriant, and water repellent. These finely woven throws are perfect for curling up on the couch for a cozy night.
  • Brass Fireplace Screens
    • The traditional triptych style of this screen adds an easy elegance to any room. Made of solid cast brass and lacquered, these screens are guaranteed to not tarnish.
  • Classics Log Bag
    • Storing wood can be a hassle especially if you’re forced to sweep up wood shavings and residue from piled logs. But that’s not a problem with this gorgeous leather log bag which features faux spines of classic works.
  • Winter Deer Tapestry Pillows
    • These beautiful pillows are more comfortable than their snowy depictions might suggest. Each pillow is a Scully and Scully exclusive and is made in England.
  • Blue Bird and Flowers Lamp
    • You’re going to be inside most of the time so naturally you’ll need a little light for those early sunsets. This table lamp, featuring an elegant chinoiserie design, is perfect for the job.
  • Scully and Scully Luxury Crystal Old Fashioneds, Set of Two
    • There’s nothing like a good drink to keep you warm. So why not pour it into one of Scully and Scully’s premier old fashioneds, wrought of the finest crystal, exclusively for us?
  • Men’s Burgundy Suede Slippers
    • It’s the weekend. You certainly can’t put on your work shoes and you probably don’t feel like putting on any other kind of shoe. So slip into these cushioned suede slippers instead.
  • Morris Hare Tapestry Footstools
    • These footstools aren’t just beautiful, they’re incredibly comfortable too. Woven on a Jacquard tapestry in Belgium and finished in England.

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