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Baby Gifts to Last for Generations

Infancy is a special time in the life of a family. The arrival of a new loved one invites gifts from friends, neighbors and relations. Although they have taken many forms over the centuries, baby gifts and showers date back to ancient Greece and Egypt. The custom can be found in Hindu culture, as well as ancient Chinese culture, and among certain tribes of Africa. Today, baby gifts can take a myriad of forms, but we have a couple of suggestions that, we think, take the cake for baby gifts, and provide a timeless and beautiful gift that will be treasured forever.

  • Herend Stork and Baby
    • As everyone knows, babies come in blankets delivered by storks. This stork is handmade and handpainted with the traditional Herend fishnet pattern and 24k gold accents. Herend porcelain is world-renowned for its fine quality and artistic finesse. At Scully & Scully, we are proud to be the largest provider of Herend figurines in both North and South America.
  • Cashmere Baby Blanket
    • Every baby loves a blanket. The supersoft Italian cashmere is ideal for a baby’s soft skin, and the fabric will naturally keep the little one cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Place these blankets over your child at night and in their carrier during the day.
  • Sterling Silver Dumbbell Rattles
    • Not just a dumbbell, not just a rattle, this beautiful children’s toy will be cherished for generations and passed down baby after baby. Personalize this handmade treasure or leave it unmarked, baby will love it either way!
  • Butterfly Sterling Silver Frame
    • Save baby’s golden memories in this whimsical, beautiful silver frame. Butterflies dance along the right-hand border, and edge into the frame in a playful way. A fitting frame for childhood’s halcyon and carefree days. The frame can be personalized and comes in three sizes.
  • Boy with Dog Limoges Box
    • Scully & Scully offers a large assortment of French Limoges boxes. This one captures the special bond between a boy and his dog. The box is handmade and handpainted in France, and a beautiful place for little ones to hide their childhood treasures. An excellent gift for parents too!
  • Hippopotamus Leather Footstool
    • Too scary for baby? We think this hippopotamus is a friendly fellow. Adults can rest their feet on Mr. Hippopotamus or use him as a seat; baby can climb all over him and join Hippopotamus for hours of imaginative fun. The tough full grain leather, stuffed with woodwool over steel and wood, can handle a lot of love from the whole family, and is available in four sizes.
  • Herend Children’s Bowl
    • Scully & Scully also offers the largest selection of Herend China. The Herend Children’s bowl is a perfect keepsake and a fine treasure for baby. Each porcelain plate is decorated with “ABC” in the iconic Herend fish net pattern in either blue or pink. Handmade and handpainted porcelain from Hungary, with 24k gold accents.
  • Christofle Oeuf Silverplated Baby Gift Set
    • Now baby can join the rest of the party with a table set just as dignified! Don’t stop with Mozart, teach baby to appreciate the finer things in life from the beginning, with this compact Christofle table set. Set includes a baby tumbler, egg cup, napkin ring and spinning top toy. Ideal for a baby shower or christening gift.
  • Child’s Needlepoint Growth Chart
    • With this handsewn needlepoint and velvet growth chart, you can watch baby grow up to four feet tall. A charming addition to any child’s room or nursery, the chart is adorned with Mother Goose and other nursery rhyme characters.

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