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A European View of the Orient

Bone China Lamps

Bone China Pierced Vase Lamps

A lamp and night light all in one, in three sizes. Four-way switch: both lights on, only upper light on, only night light inside base on or both lights off.

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Handpainted Clocks

Handpainted Chinoiserie Table or Mantel Clocks

Each clock requires two weeks to complete the artwork alone: layer gesso, gold leaf and final decorative detail. Finest quality triple chime nine nested movement with automatic chime sequence correction and night silencer. Solid brass dial has silvered chapter ring and cast brass spandrels. Beveled glasses fitted on all sides. Handmade in England exclusively for Scully & Scully.

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Herend Reserve Collection Dragon

Even without its rich mythical past, Herend’s dragon makes a dramatic debut painted in the chrysanteme orange pattern which takes 21 Herend artists 3 1/2 days to create. Limited Edition Size 300.

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Crystal Buddhas

Baccarat Crystal Buddha

Handmade mouth-blown crystal from France. Large Buddha comes with black lacquered round wood base.See More Baccarat Crystal

Chinoiserie Wastebaskets

Chinoiserie Wastebaskets

Richly handpainted in gold, our sophisticated wastebasket is crafted of papier mache and has both the paintings shown. Fully painted interior. Made in America exclusively for Scully & Scully and individually signed by the artist.

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Ming Polo Placemats

Ming Polo Placemats and Coasters

Art prints are hand-applied to handpainted wooden mats made in England. Lacquered, heat-resistant and felt-backed. The prints are four 11th-century paintings of Chinese polo players.

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Bristol Coffee Table

Chinoiserie Black Bristol Coffee Table

Glamorous metal table has luxurious black finish and beautiful gold leaf decoration. Lift-out glass surface has beveled border.

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