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11 Pieces Your Tablescape Cannot Thrive Without

Creating a tablescape may or may not be a top priority for you, but there is something to be said about a table full of exquisite pieces. The best part is, it’s a completely unique experience. The perfect tablescape doesn’t exist because it is based on individuality. With that being said, there are some essential pieces that every elegant table needs to make it look stunning and presentable.

Below you’ll see a list of 11 items that we feel your table cannot live without.

1. Charger Plates

Charger plates might feel unnecessary, but they come in handy more than you would think. They can perform a ‘supporting’ role to the host by catching spills and keeping your hot dishes hot.

These stunning Haviland & Parlon Lexington Chargers are the perfect mix of fun and simple.

2. Dinner Plates

Obviously, this is a given. If you are having a dinner party, or just eating dinner on a regular basis, you are going to need some dinner plates.

The Ginori Oriente Italiano collection is well-known for a reason. They will bring beauty and elegance to every table they are placed at.

3. Dessert/Salad/Bread Plates

The bread/salad/dessert plates are three different things but very similar in size. If you find a pattern you like, it’s not a crime to buy the same one for each.  

Because why can’t a salad plate be a statement piece?

4. Vase(s)

Is an explanation really needed? A vase full of fresh flowers will automatically elevate your table.

This stunning crystal Lalique Bacchantes Vase is sure to get your guests talking.

5. Candlesticks

Nothing provides for the atmosphere quite like a lit candle. But you should definitely not be throwing your favorite scented candle in the middle of the dining table. Tapers atop a beautiful candlestick is the way to go.

What an exceptional way to bring color and uniqueness to the table.

6. Silverware

You will not regret investing in real silverware. This is something that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Timeless and gets the job done, while looking great and impressing all your guests.

7. Serving Dishes

As you’ve probably already realized, presentation is everything. Your food should be presented to your guests at the same caliber as the plates they are eating from. Having gorgeous serving dishes will only enhance your tablescape.

This Bernardaud Salad Bowl captures the slender beauty of nature’s bountiful leaves – the perfect serving piece for a fresh salad.

8. Napkins

Just another aspect of the table that some don’t think about before it’s too late. The napkin can complement or completely ruin it. It is up to you to find practical, yet aesthetically pleasing napkins so each guest’s place setting looks complete.

This elevated crisp white linen napkin is truly versatile, perfect for everyday family dinners to special events.

9. Placemats

Placemats bring dimension. They also bring options. If you don’t want to drape your dining room table in a tablecloth, you can opt for placemats at each setting instead.

Bold, bright, and beautiful.

10. Salt & Pepper Shakers

Surely, salt and pepper shakers on the table are given. However, boring shakers should be a thing of the past. Spice up your life, literally, by investing in a long-lasting and attractive shaker set for the dining room table.

Sure to complement every table they land on.

11. Water Glass

You cannot have your guests going thirsty! But you also cannot have them drink water out of any old glass. Cohesion is perfection on a dining room table. We highly recommend opting for a charming matching set of glasses.

A perfect pair!

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