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Autumnal Jewelry Inspiration

Subdued is no longer in style, and rich, earthy jewel tones have taken center stage. Deep reds, champagnes, and glistening stones are on the rise in a big way – and there is no such thing as too extravagant this fall. Our Autumnal jewelry selection is abundant with breathtaking pieces, perfect for any style or occasion.

With their warmth and smolder, citrine and beryl have become the Autumnal heart that ties these pieces together. Starting boldly is our new, stunning beryl pendant. Diamonds and 18k white gold surround the flat cushion faceted gem. This necklace is a perfect transition piece that can be worn from day to night, dressed up or down.



Similar in style is the citrine bracelet, with six bold gems, it is an elegant, eye-catching statement piece. Also set in 18k gold and adorned with diamonds, the design bridges the gap between timelessness and modernity.



Lastly, 18k white gold, hand-cut beryl earrings round off the look, creating a style of complete elegance.



While all these pieces are unique, our 18K gold ruby bead necklace will forever be a standout. The necklace features twenty-seven ruby beads and a clasp and spacers made entirely of gold, which accentuates the deep red hue.



For an even more distinctive style, the 18k gold lemon citrine and diamond earrings make for an original look.



If you are looking for a cohesive, hand-picked aesthetic, our jewelry manager, Cassandra, has carefully chosen a stunning Autumnal suite. The central piece is our 18k gold round horn and citrine necklaces.



It is accented with citrine and gold and comes in a set of two. While that may be a showstopper, it does not mean the other gems dull in its luster. Surrounded by the beads are these natural, hand-carved citrine sugarloaf cabochons – sitting under round rubellite. Because these stones are natural, color and texture may slightly vary, making each pair one-of-a-kind.

For an alternative, 18k gold quartz flower earrings are a classic piece that will never go out of style. Champagne quartz surrounds exquisite art deco carved cognac quartz pearls. Each earring embellished with a halo of pave diamonds around the center.



For an equally beautiful earring option with some movement, see our 18k gold horn cushion earrings with citrine drops. These gorgeous accessories wear an intricate endless knot and tie in perfectly with the horn beaded necklace. Last but very not least is our 18k gold topaz cross pin.



The pin is set by four round gems and a single, central oval champagne topaz gemstone and handcrafted in gold. The elegant art deco hand-carved cognac topaz fans offer such versatility that allows it to be worn as either a pin or pendant.

The uniqueness and exclusivity of these jewels make for the perfect Autumnal jewelry looks. The season is changing the colors around us, so why not become the focal point?

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