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The Season of Soup: An Oft Overlooked Course

Soup has been a household staple for, well, since the dawn of time – or, according to evidence, as far back as roughly 20,000 BC. The word itself comes from the French word soupe, which has strong Latin and Germanic ties. Alongside “soup”, “restaurant” also hails from France to refer to establishments run by street vendors that sold highly concentrated, inexpensive soup marketed as an antidote for exhaustion. Since its humble beginnings, soup has become an essential food to a myriad of different cuisines and cultures. Now, it is a modern lunch favorite and essential course that should be overlooked no longer!

With so many recipe options, there is a fit for every palate. Also, the addition of a soup bowl to your tabletop setting that not only adds layers to the aesthetic but heightens the class of your table.

For those who prefer to dine on top-tier china, no collection is more elegant than Royal Copenhagen’s Flora Danica. This prestigious pattern is hand-painted with flowers native to Denmark and based on 18th-century copperplate illustrations. Each piece is fired eight times, then passed through 30 pairs of hands before the painter creates their free-hand botanic masterpiece. To not take away from the exquisite artistry, focusing on the subtle, palatable exchanges of flavor would work best with a simple recipe. Familiar to many, avgolemono is a heart-warming pairing that offers hints of lemon to cut the richness of the soup. Made of orzo, egg, lemon, and simple spices, this age-old dish will find a beautiful home in Flora Danica.



New to our collection, Haviland & Parlon’s Daphne White collection is soon to become a customer favorite. Each piece of pure, white Limoges porcelain is handmade in France and adorned with gorgeous 24k gold leaves, offering a look of modern refinement. A seasonal pumpkin sage butter soup will bring the flavors of autumn together en masse and match the gold tones of the collection.



A classic brand with equally classic patterns is none other than Anna Weatherley. The Pansies Rim soup bowl would be perfect for those looking for a nature-based table setting. Based on 17th-century Dutch painting styles, each piece is hand-painted with 24k gold accents. A nice butternut squash soup would make the colors of the dish pop while satisfying a sweeter palate.



For the minimalist at heart, Bernardaud’s Ecume collection offers subtle mastery with the carefully created dimpling of the Limoges porcelain. This dish, while never being upstaged, will always make the perfect canvas for any creation. Although, in this case, a nage de homard, or lobster soup, would make for an utterly beautiful presentation.



A new addition for fall 2020, Ginori’s Oriente Italiano Vermiglio will create a very stylized table with its rich, saturated hues. In the center sits a “garofano”, or carnation, traditionally airbrushed onto the Antico Doccia shape. With so much history in one design, an age-old ingredient must sit centerstage. Full to the brim of umami flavor, Hungarian mushroom soup will bring about great appreciation while not taking away from the design of the bowl.



Yet how could we forget those who do not care for hot soups? In this case, a sweet corn gazpacho will make the perfect pairing for our exclusive Yellow Blue Flowers Dinnerware. This vibrant collection will only bring out the colors of the soup with its rich yellow background. Inspired by Mediterranean vegetation, the Italian-made tableware is entirely hand-painted and handcrafted.



Tis the season of soup, making the course an absolute must for any successful dinner and tabletop.

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