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Bride of the Month: Herend Chinese Bouquet

December’s Bride of the Month upholds that there will never be a “new black.” Black, white, and gold give us that classic minimalism we need during these cold winter months.

The centerpiece of this tabletop is the Herend Chinese Bouquet in black. This 1930s vintage pattern was named “Apponyi Flowers” for Count Albert Apponyi. It features floral motifs that were adapted from earlier Herend patterns once influence by those from East Asia. Each piece of porcelain is hand-made and hand-painted in Hungary with 24k gold accents.

Gold remains on the theme while this pattern is paired with Moser Royal crystal. The stunning design was commissioned in1907 by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra of England. Moser received a Royal Warrant as Purveyor of Glass to the British Monarch, which was a highly unusual honor for a non-British supplier. The pattern is diamond cut by hand and rimmed in 24k gold.

Christofle’s Malmaison sterling silver flatware adds a beautiful touch to our December BOTM table setting. This pattern was launched in 1967 and is one of Christofle’s most historic patterns. It typifies the Empire style with its frieze of delicate palm and lotus leaves. The symmetrical design and name pay homage to the Chateau de la Malmaison, a favored Parisian residence of Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine.

The remaining accessories feature a beautiful crystal Moser whiskey highball and a 23k gold-plated turtle. The smokey color and smooth, cylindrical shape add a modern touch to the bridal tabletop. Also, the adorable gold-plated turtle can be used as both a telephone bell and paperweight.

December may be over, but this tabletop can outlast any month.

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