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New Year New Mood Board

Each new year brings about new possibilities, resolutions, experiences, and innovations. Now that 2021 has finally arrived, new things are happening here at Scully & Scully as well, and they come in the form of a monthly mood board!

We have hand-picked an abundance of new and exciting products to release each month, beginning with some new favorites of the new year:

Already having trouble keeping track of the days? Our cross-grain leather diaries will help keep your activities and thoughts thoroughly organized. Herend has released adorable new figurines which include the featured Queen Bee, Flamingo, Winter Owl, Cupid Pig, and Schnauzer, to name a few.

Pearls have always been timeless, but this layered jewel continues to stay on trend – which can be confirmed by our new jewelry arrivals.

Also, our pillow selection continues to be filled with silk, hand-embroidered, and even hand-painted works of art.

Other favorites for January include our silverplated bar cart, Bernardaud’s Les Vitraux d’Hadassah salad plate set, and these beautiful crystal glasses and jewelry highlighted on our Instagram.

January holds an abundance of possibilities, wonder, and excitement for new beginnings. We cannot wait to see what February may bring.

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