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Halloween Decor: Spooks & Scares!

Halloween fun is not only for children.  Decorate your home, or outfit yourself, with some of our favorite Halloween-inspired offerings and indulge in the holiday spirit!

1)     This exquisite little pumpkin box from England is meticulously handmade and hand-enameled with 24K goldplated fittings with 18th century techniques.  (2 1/8” d. x 2 1/4” h).

halloween halcyon days pumpkin bonbonniere
Halcyon Days Pumpkin Bonbonniere. scullyandscully.com

2)     These cufflinks feature movable jaws and diamond eyes. When the jaw is closed the diamonds are recessed, but fill the eye sockets once the jaw is opened. The T-bar is designed to resemble crossed bones – a guaranteed way to              add a playfully-spooky touch to your formal look.  (7/16” w. x 13/16” h. when open).

gold diamond cufflinks 18K
18K Gold and Diamond Cufflinks. scullyandscully.com

3)     Stunning hand-sculpted hand painted hard-paste porcelain created by Katherine Houston, an American artist using the same painstaking technique made famous by Imperial Chinese porcelain artists. Each piece is bisque fired,             then high glaze fired, then fired with on-glaze enamels multiple times to create remarkable depth and brilliance in the colors. Each is signed and dated. (6″ x 6 1/2″ x 6″h).

halloween decor devon katherine houston porcelain
Devon American Pumpkin. scullyandscully.com.

4)     Herend porcelain from Hungary, handmade and handpainted with 24K gold accents. (2.5″L X 2″H)

herend skull black halloween decor
Herend Skull in Black. scullyandscully.com