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How to Find The Perfect Clock to Fit Your Decor

From school rooms and boardrooms to living rooms and bedrooms, clocks are a seamless part of everyday life. Before the invention of clocks, ancient cultures in Babylon, Egypt, and Greece relied on the sundial to tell time. By the early 1500s, the first small portable clocks made by German locksmith and clockmaker Peter Henlein gained popularity across Europe, although they were imprecise and easily broken. During the 1600s, clock design became an art form with extravagant designs featuring precious metals and stones made exclusively for the wealthy, royalty, and nobility. The introduction of the balance spring (pendulum) at the end of the 1600s was a game changer, enabling clocks to accurately measure time. Today, clocks run the gamut from unadorned utilitarian timekeepers to distinctively elegant pieces displayed with other fine home decor.

The Story of Grandfather Clocks

The original or technical name for this type of pendulum clock is longcase, which dates back to the mid-to-late 1600s. The earliest clocks were made of oak, with more luxurious models finished with ebony or pearwood. Later on, mahogany was widely used for the cases. It wasn’t until 1875 that longcase clocks got their popular moniker. American songwriter Henry Clay Work was visiting the George Hotel in North Yorkshire, England, where he admired a large pendulum clock in the lobby that wasn’t working. The story goes that when the first Jenkins brother who owned the hotel died, the clock became inaccurate. The clock stopped completely to the minute and second the other brother died. Efforts to repair the clock by the new owners failed. Work was so bemused by this tale, he penned a song called My Grandfather’s Clock in 1876, which became a huge hit, and hence, the name stuck.

How to Decorate Around a Wall Clock

Selecting wall clock decor with unique frames and colors can transform a space in much the same way as a sensational piece of fine art. Hung above a living room sofa, a handsome clock draws your eye to its design rather than the time. Bring out the beauty of an oversized and bold wall clock with accent lighting on a console table in front of the piece. Select a wall clock with hues that match a sofa, throw pillows or chairs. Here are a few additional tips:

  • Ideally, clocks should be proportionate for the space, so an oversize clock will look great in bright, airy, and minimalist interiors
  • Hang a wall clock in rooms where you spend a lot of time, such as your kitchen or bedroom
  • If you’re going for an artistic look, hang a few wall clocks side by side gallery style
  • Choose something truly unique that either fits an existing theme (e.g. nautical) or sets a new theme for the room

Tick Tock, Select a Beautiful Clock!

Scully & Scully offers a lovely assortment of fine clocks, with an impressive selection of superbly crafted Grandfather clocks.


Yew Scroll Top Grandfather Clock

Made in England from solid cherry and decorative book matched burr yew veneers inlaid with “rope” edge line, this clock is the epitome of Old World grandeur. The case is hand rubbed and waxed to achieve a rich “antique” patina, while the dial boasts a handpainted scene depicting the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar.


Herend Wall Clocks

Available in four lovely patterns, our charming handmade and handpainted porcelain plate clocks will add a cheery touch to any kitchen or dining room wall.


Maritime Clock

A true masterpiece of American clock making, this outstanding clock is an exact reproduction of the original iconic yacht wheel, first patented and produced in 1911. Featuring the renowned chiming Ship’s Bell mechanism, this splendid timepiece boasts an 11-jewel movement, 364 solid brass precision parts, and an exquisite deeply etched brass dial that is hand-silvered, enameled, and lacquered.

Since we can’t stop time, why not savor ticking seconds, minutes, and hours with precise timepieces that double as stylish clock decorations!


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