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How to Protect Furniture from Your Pets

It’s wonderful to have a purring kitty in your lap or a pup snuggling up against you when you’re reading on the couch. Of course, that doesn’t mean you want Bella or Buddy to wreak havoc on your treasured pieces of furniture. Although some pet owners throw in the towel and accept the fact furniture will incur damage, there are steps you can take to help protect fine pieces.

How to Keep a Cat from Scratching Furniture

Cats have notoriously sharp claws that can easily poke, rip, or scratch upholstery and wood. It’s a natural instinct for cats to scratch, so it isn’t surprising they view your beautiful leather couch, like our versatile  Mayfair Sleep Sofa, as a gigantic scratching post! Here are a few things you can do to help prevent this damage.

  1. Place scratching posts near your cat’s favorite piece of human furniture. It’s an effective way to redirect scratching behavior. Use catnip or treats to reinforce good behavior when they choose the post over furniture.
  2. Trim your cat’s claws once every two weeks or sooner if you notice they’re sharp.
  3. Select upholstered furniture that makes it more difficult for cat claws to incur damage. Furniture made with velvet or leather materials are good options, but if your cat is rambunctious, she can still leave permanent marks if her claws aren’t trimmed.
  4. Mix juice from a fresh lemon, orange essential oil, and eucalyptus oil together in one liter of water. Test a small area first to ensure it doesn’t stain the fabric before spraying it lightly. Kitties don’t like citrus-based scents, so this should make the furniture less appealing! You can also mix apple cider vinegar with water to achieve the same effect.
  5. Double-sided tape is an old trick because cats don’t like sticky surfaces. Before applying it, check a small area first to make sure the tape won’t damage the surface.
  6. You can always resort to throwing a washable cover over furniture or order a custom slipcover made of tough fabric.
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How to Keep Dogs Off of Furniture

Sure, cat owners are a little biased, but it’s true, dogs are far messier. Dog drool, hair, muddy paws, and odors can leave an unpleasant mess on your favorite chair or sofa. In their favor, dogs are more trainable than cats, so you can teach them not to get on treasured furniture. Try these tips to help protect your furniture.

  1. Select dog-friendly upholstery like leather and microfiber. Be sure to trim your dog’ nails on a regular basis because the sharp tips can damage fabric and leather.
  2. Provide a soft and comfy bed for your dog as an alternative to him sleeping in your bed or the couch.
  3. This won’t keep your dog off furniture but it will protect it from getting dirty. Set up a mud station at the back door with a washable mat to collect water and mud, a rack of dog towels, and a place to hang leashes. After your dog comes in from his daily walk, clean his paws immediately and provide a treat so he gets accustomed to this ritual.
  4. Gently teach your dog to stay off heirloom pieces. You can also use apple bitter to deter your dog, which will also help him learn a piece of furniture is off limits.
  5. It’s as natural for dogs to chew on objects like fine wood furniture, such as our exclusive Burr Elm Computer Desk,  as it is for cats to scratch. Follow a crate training regimen or install gates to prevent your dog from chewing on furniture when you’re away. Providing plenty of chew toys and making sure he gets enough exercise can also help prevent unwanted gnawing on furniture.Burr Elm Computer Desk

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You see, it’s possible to enjoy your pets and preserve the beauty of fine furniture!



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