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How to Refresh Your Kitchen for Summer

If you’re a fan of the Great British Baking Show, Chef’s Table, or any other cooking-related program, you’ve likely experienced green-eyed kitchen envy! In addition to showing off incredible baking and cooking skills, amateur and professional chefs have beautiful kitchens. The reality is that kitchens often look cluttered, with a huge array of appliances on the countertop and open shelves. But you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in a major kitchen renovation to refresh your kitchen, and there’s no better time to start than summer!

Ways to Freshen Up Your Kitchen

Here are a few ways to freshen up your kitchen without investing in a complete overhaul, starting with an idea that will only cost you time.

Declutter and organize:

Get rid of mismatched glassware and size up all your accessories and utensils, even if they are in attractive crocks on the countertop. If you only use a utensil or appliance once in a blue moon, place it in a drawer or give it away. Organize and place items together based on their utilitarian purpose (e.g. frequently used condiments can go on the same attractive tray)

Change the look of cabinets:

Painting cabinets or adding interesting hardware is a good alternative if you’re not ready to get them professionally refaced.

Update light fixtures:

Changing the ceiling fixture or adding a distinctive-looking light above the sink will breathe new life and light into your kitchen.

Throw down a throw:

Placing a washable throw rug or runner on a kitchen floor is an ideal way to soften and add a splash of color to the space.

A fresh coat of paint:

If your kitchen is dark or the walls can no longer be washed, applying a lighter shade can do wonders for lightening up the space.

Decorating the Kitchen to Add Pizzazz!

Whether you have a minimalist kitchen straight out of House Beautiful, or one that is less austere, carefully curated accessories can do wonders for this living and cooking space. Strategically placing patterned planters on windowsills or brightly colored bakeware on open shelves can make a huge difference. Selecting distinctive tabletop accessories is a great way to put a wonderful final touch on your eating space, whether a kitchen or dining room table or an island with stools. This is the fun part where you can unleash your creative interior decorator! To help you get started, here are four decorative ideas for the kitchen from our impressive collection of home decor.


magnolia ceramic planters

A Scully & Scully exclusive, our gorgeous ceramic planters from Italy will light up your kitchen space or tabletop with their glorious silkscreened flowers applied on all sides.



Although many people don’t think about hanging artwork in the kitchen, placing a fabulous piece on walls away from the stove can add an aesthetically pleasing touch. Painted on one side only, this adorable German wall hanging features children enjoying the great outdoors. The colorful and lighthearted wall hanging will add a bit of playful joy to your kitchen during the summer or all year round!


Herend Victorias Garden Coasters Set

Bring a touch of summer to your tabletop with this set of divine handpainted porcelain coasters from Herend featuring matching pink, yellow, purple, and blue blooms!


Flower Napkin Rings

Bring a burst of vibrant color to your place settings with fabulous flower napkin rings. Mixing and matching your favorite flowers adds a touch of splendor to any table, whether a summertime party, bridal shower, or special holiday.

Scully & Scully has a marvelously eclectic selection of distinctive decor to transform your kitchen into a show-worthy cooking and living space!


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