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Lion Leather Footstools

Lion Leather Footstools

Winsome features and an antique finish on full grain leather stuffed with woodwool over steel and wood frames. These sturdy footstools from England are ideal as extra seats.

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Queen Lace

Queen Lace Crystal

The feral grace of the world’s vanishing wildlife caught forever by European master craftsmen.Queen Lace crystal is entirely handblown, handcut and handpolished in Germany. It is then engraved with the rare Copper-Wheel technique developed during the Renaissance.A single engraving takes more than 24 hours to complete.

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Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus

Hallmarked sterling silver figures handmade in England with protective felt bottoms.

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Ostrich Eggs

African Animal Ostrich Eggshells

In the tradition of the coveted painted ostrich eggshells of ancient Nubia, these beautiful scenes are reproduced from paintings by African and international artists. The wonderful coloration comes from approximately fifty layers of lacquer.

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African Animals Wastebasket

African Animals Wastebasket and Magazine Rack

Art prints of paintings by A. Churchill hand-appliedto accessories from England, handpainted in green. Wastebasket and magazine rack each show both giraffe and tiger on opposite sides.

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