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Ready, Set, Rest: How to Stage a Luxurious Self Care Day

Have you ever set aside a day to rest in the hopes of becoming more energized and experienced the opposite outcome? Maybe you intended to relax through leisure but made the common mistake of equating self care with staying in bed all day. As for most things, attaining a glamorous outcome requires some effort – but by no means does it have to be a tedious chore! It simply means that you should have some routine to your day and actually perform the things you planned.

We were inspired by the glamorous ladies of old Hollywood and how they did leisure – photographs of the gorgeous actresses in their signature silk robes seen sitting at their vanities and pampering their faces and bodies were the ultimate inspiration for this blog. While you don’t have to be adorned with jewels to achieve this (though you certainly can be!), feeling beautiful is an important part of self care – positive feelings not only help you recharge but also fuel you to complete your routine. The results including feeling of rejuvenation and most importantly, motivation to return to your normal routine, full of positivity and strength!

Read on to find out our tips for your luxurious self care day, but not before you are properly inspired (as we were) by the vintage beauties who did it best!


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Many people associate self care with a proper bath and it’s not hard to understand why. A long soak in lukewarm water with your favorite bath essentials with leave you feeling physically refreshed, which has enormous mental benefits! Taking the time to make sure that your bath area is filled with items that you associate with tranquility or simply decorating the space to your liking, will also stimulate the release of feel good hormones!

Take a look at some of Scully & Scully’s customer favorites for bathroom accessories:

Botanica Bath Collection
Herend Chinese Bouquet Rust Soap Dish
Clear Glass Bathroom Accessories
Shagreen Turquoise Bathroom Accesories
Blooming Embroidery on Silk Wastebasket & Tissue Box Cover
Varnished Teakwood Bathroom Accessories
Silverplated Small Crab with Mother of Pearl Shell
Blue Hyacinth In Illusion
Blue Weave Bathroom Accessories

For an even more relaxing atmosphere, light candles in these elegant candle holders and votives, and set the mood for a dimly lit spa right at your home.

William Yeoward Crystal Meryl Candlesticks
Bernardaud Votive Light, Magnolia Blossoms
Baccarat Eye Votives



You can prolong the comfort you felt after your bath by slipping into clothing that’s equally as comfortable.

While silk might seem like the only luxurious option, there are cotton alternatives that offer a more comfortable fit, without compromising on style, such as the robes below:

Men’s Luxury Robes

To pamper your feet with equal comfort, opt for the slippers below:

Women’s Galla Velvet Slippers
Men’s Black Velvet & Gold Slippers


Activities for this time entirely depend on you and can range from reading all day to organizing your space. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you are properly hydrated at all times for dewy skin and a properly flushed out system. We recommend tea, low in caffeine , to keep you both hydrated and relaxed.

Serve your favorite tea in these dainty tea cups & saucers and consider the multi-purpose jars to help you store them away neatly:

Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf
Anna Weatherley Butterfly Tea Set
Bristol Blue Tea Cup Saucer
Empire Jars
Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Solid Gold Band Storage Jars
Mottahedeh Figure Square Tea Jar with Cover

If you wish to remain in bed most of this day but need some structure to hold your items in place, we recommend our iconic breakfast tray is a handy resource:


The perfect activity for a self care day is self grooming; the process is as therapeutic as it is rewarding!

To give yourself a full manicure at home, opt for these quality pieces with elegant leather pouches for easy storage, all travel friendly!

Leather Grooming Kits
Leather Manicure Sets

Referring back to our inspirational images from above, a quality brush set with fine bristle is important for shiny long locks, and these sets will prove to be the perfect addition to your vanity!

Sterling Silver Military Brush Set
Sterling Silver Lady’s Three Set Brush

We hope that in the next upcoming weeks, you don’t undermine the importance of quality self care  as a way to stay happy and healthy! As always, leave your comments below!


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