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The Guide to the Perfect Easter Table

The spirit of the holidays is a powerful way to bring a sense of joy to your home. Easter, one of the most anticipated holidays of the spring season, is as much a religious hallmark as it is a time to greet the warmer months and celebrate renewal and growth.

In honor of such a significant holiday, we put together a guide on how to create the central focus of the party: the Easter tabletop. Whether you are celebrating with a large party or a small one, the process of decorating and curating the perfect table can be a rewarding experience! Read on to browse our customers’ favorite items, as well as some of our designer’s choices.

Large Scale Vision

The first step is to envision the finished table. For this, we recommend viewing other finished results — consider browsing through Instagram and Pinterest pages for inspiration.


The next step is to narrow down the general color scheme; pastel spring colors are a popular pick for the occasion.

Equally important to consider is whether you want to have a monochromatic or a multicolored theme. If it’s the latter, you should consider creating accents through the details you include, such as the centerpiece or figurines; in this case, we recommend that the china you include is more simple than detailed.

If you want a monochromatic theme, consider different shades of the same color or mixing ornate & simple pieces, such as the example below:

Beware of overmatching in any theme & pattern and instead, focus on a background color theme, with strong accents or figurine themes, much like the examples shown in the above inspiration images.

Table Set 

As a general rule of thumb, to create an easy spring atmosphere, opt for green, pink or yellow color themes for your china. While the lighter shades set the mood more easily, if you are not a fan of the pastel like hues, you can choose darker shades and lighten the overall color scheme through details.

Here are some of the perfect Easter appropriate tableware sets from Scully & Scully: 

Haviland Vieux Paris Green
Herend Queen Victoria, Green
Herend Chinese Bouquet,     Green
Raynaud Touraine Double     Filet Green
Royal Limoges La Bocca,   Green
Mottahedeh Pink Lace
Herend Fish Scale, Raspberry
Herend Rothschild Bird   Yellow, Special Edition
Meissen Yellow Band
Herend Art Decco, Raspberry

Don’t forget to include quality flatware and barware to help make the picture perfect tabletop!

As a rule of thumb for a classic table, if you have a boisterous pattern or details on your china, opt for more subtle designs for flatware & barware, in clear colors with simple cuts.

Christofle Perles Stainless   Steel Flatware
Ricci Bamboo Stainless Steel  Flatware

Baccarat Everyday Glasses, Set of 6

If you have a monochromatic or simple set, consider the more experimental designs in barware, especially these gorgeous ones:

William Yeoward Studio   Vanessa Forest Green
St. Louis Bubbles

Accent Details

There is no better way to set a theme and create coherence between your individually selected items than focusing on details! Especially popular during this time, bunny or egg figurines put a whimsical yet elegant spin on an otherwise plain table.

Herend Fishnet Egg
Herend Easter Bunny
Herend Eggstravegant Bunny
Pewter Standing Easter Egg   Garden

The unique Pewter sets are an unexpected yet homey pop of spring!

Pewter Bunny on Moped
Pewter Easter Tidings

Centerpieces and vases that have a spring color scheme or pattern are yet another way to add the special touch.

Magnolia Ceramic Planters
Baccarat Mille Nuits   Silverplated Centerpiece

And last to strongly weave everything into a coherent color or pattern scheme, you can do so by including small accessories such as napkin rings, placemats, coasters and even napkins.

Linen Lace Edge Napkins
English Wooden Mats (Large)
  Round Scalloped Braided   Placemats, Napkins, & Napkin   Rings


We hope preparing for this special day, dedicated to celebrating the beginning better and brighter days as much as it is a religious mark, to being you immense joy! As always, leave your comments below!

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