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Refresh Your Living Room Decor for Fall

Another summer has come and gone, but fret not, Scully & Scully has everything you need for perfecting your living space with plenty of autumn-friendly decorative additions. Whether you’re on the hunt for something subtle or even statement-making, you can rely on us for the absolute best of fall living room decor.

According to the leading experts on color, this fall season is quite different with a highly varied color palette, including:

  •      Red Pear
  •      Valiant Poppy
  •      Nebulas Blue
  •      Ceylon Yellow
  •      Martini Olive (our personal favorite)
  •      Russet Orange
  •      Ultra Violet
  •      Crocus Petal
  •      Mellow Rose
  •      Limelight
  •      Quetzal Green
  •      Pink Peacock
  •      Sargasso Sea
  •      Tofu
  •      Almond Bluff
  •      Quiet Gray
  •      Meerkat

In alignment with what’s happening this color season, we’ve selected a few of favorite decorative accessories that we believe will complement this fall 2018 just perfectly. These Sutton Place dining chairs, curtains, and florals make an ideal dining extension for achieving that highly-desired Mellow Rose look.

mild rose dining room set

Meanwhile, for those who like something a little bolder, it’s easy to complement hues like Crocus Petal with gorgeous accessories such as this Blue Hyacinth in Illusion plant.

violet fall color palette decor ideas

Another idea we adore includes combining the color Limelight with these Limestone Mansion must-haves.

fall living room decor ideas

More Fall 2018 Tips

  •      Keep overall decor rustic, but with a touch of elegance
  •      Add accents of vibrant fall colors here and there
  •      Let existing neutrals decide which hues are more apt
  •      Experiment with colors that speak to your personal color psychology

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