The Power of the Pen

On this day in 1787, a few pieces of parchment, some quill pens, and several modest wells of ink were transformed into the supreme rule of law that would come to define the most prosperous empire in human history. The Constitution of the United States of America is not only the architecting document of a… Read More The Power of the Pen

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A Proper Library

A proper library exudes warmth, comfort, traditional design, and a lived-in feel recalling years spent studying, reading, or housing family treasures. While books may be the central feature, a traditional library includes such hallmark pieces as leather chairs, rich wood shelving, and a grand desk. The feeling is warm and cozy with an invitation to… Read More A Proper Library

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The Definition of Elegance: Oscar de la Renta

The Definition of Elegance: Oscar de la Renta by parkavenuestyle featuring a gold leaf mirror Porcelain lamp Laurèl gold leaf mirror Handmade home decor Fireplace accessory Hand crafted furniture Mahogany furniture Oscar