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No Winter Lasts Forever: A Guide to Spring Cleaning

It was the best of times (and the best of times), as winter coats were stored away, as layers were shed and as everyone awoke from the quasi-slumber of winter months & were ready to greet the sunny days.

It is not uncommon to start feeling the unmistakable itch to begin fresh around this time of year. In fact, this new “spring” in your step to purge the old and renew, is the result of your biology; the longer hours with the sun re-calibrates the time set aside to be alert, that then translates to more energy to undertake new projects. The palpable feeling of change in the air motivates us to tidy our space, which can have a positive effect on the mind as well. But no new change occurs effectively, without leaving the old behind properly. For most of us this means organizing, which can be tricky when we have to clean the mess accumulated over the winter months, or maybe even over the course of the whole year. Below, we have compiled our know hows on how to approach spring cleaning this year, by focusing on a single mantra: to purge thoroughly and to acquire thoughtfully. With these steps, you can be on your way to de-cluttering your space and more importantly, feeling the enormous benefits the process has on your mind.

The Purge

Even before Marie Kondo, people were well aware of the benefits of minimalism and owning only what you need, on your mental health and of course, physical space. And minimalism doesn’t have to mean only having bare bones of a home, with no flexibility for style. You can have a house styled after the most maximalist designs and still have only what you need, though it requires extra consideration on your part to see if it is actually serving what you want out of your surroundings.

For example,if you own accent items that you don’t use but you like the way they contribute to the style of your room, by all means keep them. However, if these items are constantly getting in the way, or accumulating a lot of clutter (i.e. that armchair that never gets used for sitting but always has every piece of clothing you own on it), consider moving things to a more convenient location or organizing the clutter in a sustainable way, which also helps open up space. The part of purging that gets overlooked but is necessary is the moving of stuff around; it is all about creating the best system, where your items are harmoniously coordinated with each other in both aesthetics and function. And while that might seem like a mountainous task, you might be surprised by how easily you can achieve this, by shifting a few things around.


 The third option if you are willing, is to collect accent items that are appropriate for your space, which might mean you have to replace the old ones. Some examples for small spaces would be narrower chairs or less bulky home decor.

Stratford Crystal Lamp
Carved Mahogany & Leather Game Chair
Baccarat Louxur Round Vase


Or you might want to take this period to rethink the style of your home, which is the perfect opportunity to browse new design trends, to see if something specifically speaks to you. We have compiled some handy collections to browse when you feel the need to change your space completely.

Design Trends at Scully and Scully

After selecting which items stay or go, it’s time to deep clean the house. It’s best to do this when you have items already in disarray and moved away from their regular spots; it allows you to access the pesky hidden spots under furniture that no matter how clean your home can be, might have acquired a sizable amount of dust. We recommend using cleaning supplies that don’t include harsh chemicals and specifically note that they are safe for any type of flooring you might have.

The Shopping

Spring cleaning isn’t always associated with buying new items, but it usually ends up being the step after. Think back to how you felt when looking at your house at its emptiest; most of us either consciously or subconsciously go back to trying to refill that space. There is nothing wrong with this as long as the new items that are introduced to your space help maintain the systems  you created during the purging process. It’s all about making the coordination sustainable, so that next spring cleaning you are not expending the same amount of energy. More importantly, it is about making your home more manageable throughout the year, eliminating the need for a deep clean every year, once and for all.

For small spaces, always aim for the item to be slightly narrower in width than the space you have, so as to avoid the room looking crowded. Additionally, asymmetrical items that can be fit into the smallest crooks, or items that are taller than they are wide, are also perfect for compact homes.  

Decorated Satinwood Console Table
Mahogany Bailey Chest
Tiered Case

Next, invest in items that keep your house organized. Desk sets for your home office, or jewelry cases that are tangle proof, are perfect additions to your clean home.

Red Burlwood Armored Jewelry Safe
Florentine Leather Desk Set, Red

Accent items help bring the room together aesthetically, and they shouldn’t be sacrificed for the sake of space. However if you are limited in space or want double function out of your items, consider making necessary pieces into accents, by selecting them in specific patterns or colors. Below are some examples of items that are as useful as they are aesthetically appealing:

Lovebird Leopards Silk Pillows

Handpainted Chinoiserie Table
 Fox Mask Bookend
American Walnut Honeycomb Cocktail Hour
Moser City Vases
Leather Books Lamp
Swoon Memory Swivel Chair

We hope you are able to instill a sense of spring into your home, and renew both your physical & mental space this upcoming season. As always, leave your thoughts below!

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