The Power of the Pen

On this day in 1787, a few pieces of parchment, some quill pens, and several modest wells of ink were transformed into the supreme rule of law that would come to define the most prosperous empire in human history. The Constitution of the United States of America is not only the architecting document of a nation, but also a manifestation of the limitless ingenuity inherent to the human mind. Indeed, it is the ultimate testament to the intellectual prowess of mankind that such humble materials as paper, pen, and ink can, like magic, be metamorphosed into artifacts of immortal, incalculable value.

Mahogany & oak executive desk, Corsa swivel tilt chair

Two-hundred & thirty-four years later, the transcendental vitality of the words “We the People” resonates evermore strongly. In the near quarter-millennium since the Constitution’s inception, America has grown from an ambitious upstart nation to the predominant global leader; surely there is no starker contrast than that between the scarcity of where our country began and the exuberance of where our country now resides. Having realized the dreams of those foundational pieces of parchment, the opulence of our current lifestyles feels hard-won and rightfully earned.

Florentine double pen set, Faber-Castell pens, basic black series, Leather books desk set

Inspiration and luxury need not be thought of as mutually exclusive. A genius idea can prove to be of immeasurable worth, therefore a comfortable environment conducive to thinking can prove similarly invaluable. On this Constitution Day, Scully & Scully commemorates the signing of America’s highest doctrine with a wide selection of magnificent office amenities in hopes that more brilliant ideas may be liberated from the mind to corporealize in the ink of the pen on paper.

Full list of featured products:

Mahogany & oak executive desk

Florentine double pen set

Florentine leather refillable notepads

Faber-Castell pens, Anello series

Faber-Castell pens, basic black series

Corsa swivel tilt chair

Leather books desk set

Leather book bookends

Leather guest book

Black faux crocodile sterling silver frames

Italian leather and sterling steel frames  

Piedmont globe

Bronze lion table lamp

Ebonized bell top mantel clock

Dionysus black zebra marble coasters

Eris black marble wastebasket

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