The Art of the Bar Cart

Cocktail culture has taken root in our homes yet again with the advent of the oh-so-popular bar cart. Maybe you would like to channel your inner 1920s Gatsby-themed dream or add a modern flair to this reemerging trend. Before even thinking about the contents, the cart itself is the most crucial decision.

The first things to consider are spacing, size, and color scheme. Are you looking for a traditional style or something more modern? What shape would fit better in the space? Also, would you want gold with glass shelves or maybe an all-wooden cart for a more rustic feel? The cart is the center of the setup and the most important aspect to consider in your design.

Once you have your set up, the fun can begin. Another thing to consider is being purposeful in the contents that you choose. The last thing that you want is for an accent piece to look cluttered and disorganized. Be purposeful in your crystal and focus on the essential items you feel are needed. It is perfectly alright to keep any extra cocktail supplies in storage.

Accessories also offer a fun and personal touch which can tie together every element on the cart. Adding colorful napkins, straws, accent pieces, or even a plant can help maintain a nice balance.

Also, how could we forget the main event: the cocktail supplies. Whether beautiful bottles or certain brands are favored, this is by far the most important aspect when stocking a bar cart.

Once set up the final, the most important thing to remember isĀ to enjoy.

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