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The Call of the Wild

Nature called and 2020 is definitely answering! Undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of the season, animal themed decor is all the rave in home design, most likely because we feel a strong urge to start the decade off to a bold start. Interior design that includes an unexpected pop of spots and stripes is a stellar way to make a statement and reflect this energy. We’ve rounded up the best that Scully and Scully offers for the uproariously trendy theme and created a collection. To make the process even easier, we then compiled some tips below, (all bearing the seal of approval from our in house designer!) on how to best incorporate the items into different types of homes.


The Traditional & Tame

If you are inclined towards traditional designs, where mahogany furniture and leather armchairs are a regular feature, you might believe that the animal theme has no place in your home. However, despite the loudness of the prints, the presence of these items doesn’t always have to be. Consider subtle “pops” or “grooves” of print, much like the zebra print on the armchair below or the safari themed etchings on the crystal barware. It’s a silent salute to the trend and its subtlety only adds to the elegance of your home but it still pays homage to your adventurous side.

Serengeti Conrad Chair with Zebra Stripe


Queen Lace Crystal Big 5 African Safari Bowl


The Ferociously Modern

Arguably the best playground for the loudest animal prints, the modern home is perfect for this trend. Consider the boldest styles of  the season and don’t be afraid to mix and match! The mixing of vibrant colors and coarse textures  is the easiest way to create the eclectic home, and many Instagram bloggers and celebrities rely on this trick to keep their modern homes playful yet elegant.

Cheetah Green Wastebasket & Tissue Box Cover


Jungle Wildlife Mats & Coasters


The Boho Chic

Never definitively out of style for its avid followers, the boho style is very welcoming to the animal print trend (faux and preferably vegan of course!). The trademark of a true bohemian home is the emphasis on the use of earthy colors which is why the Safari Vase from Moser or a safari themed tapestry pillow are the perfect and unique fit. It undoubtedly appeals to animal lovers and home design enthusiasts alike!

Moser Safari Topaz Globe Vase


Lion and Hare Tapestry Pillow


The Rustic Roar

Recently picking up momentum, the rustic home is a popular trend of its own. While this style usually highlights the bare bones of the house, where many items are reduced to their core materials such as brass, tin, and wood, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate trends. Cabin-like decor with animal themes, where the emphasis is on darker hues and muted designs, is the perfect choice for rustic homes, as it allows you to stay consistent with the style and still add that special touch!

Leather Lion Footstools


Austrian Bronze Brown Bear Figurine

Hopefully these tips inspire you to get wild and to try out the trend yourself.  Don’t forget to share your  thoughts on the first reigning trend of the year below!

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  1. Your Park Avenue Style articles are outstanding. I especially loved the Making of Herend article last year because I bought/special ordered my Fortuna Green table porcelain FROM YOU – SCULLY & SCULLY!
    Thank you for your fabulous service!

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