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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Whether it’s the first or the 50th Valentine’s Day that you are spending with your significant other (which also includes yourself!), February 14th is the ideal day to plan a picture perfect date.  While the “perfect date” means different things for different couples, with some preferring a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant while others, a cozier and intimate setting at home, it almost always involves attention and care to detail, which is often the part that the partner appreciates the most. For this year’s planners, who are aiming to make the day extra special, we have compiled all the know-hows of the trade (in addition to a collection), so that you can begin the decade on the right romantic note. To make it easy, we tailored our guide it to three types of lovers, which of course can be applied even if the giver and the recipient is yourself!

The Glam Lovers

Sometimes more is more and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to seize this mentality. For fans of maximalism, we suggest the most glamorous gifts (for him and her!) and the most luxurious decor to set the right mood. If you plan celebrate all day, be sure to book the best places to eat at, well ahead of time. As for a gift, you can never go wrong with jewelry, for him and for her. Additionally, thematic pieces that you can reuse for years to come, such as the Moser Heart sculpture, will certainly be appreciated by anyone joining you at the table.

Baccarat Wine Therapy, Set of 6


St. Louis Tommy Martini Glasses


Garnet Convertible Drop / Button Earrings


Moser Heart Sculptures


The Homely Lovers 

Some of us are more subtle appreciators of the holiday and prefer an intimate setting at home to a fancy dinner. For these lovers, we recommend pieces that highlight comfort, such as the adorable Sterling Silver Penguin couple and cozy slippers. Equally useful and luxurious item to have is the Breakfast Tray, which can function as a gift that you can put to use right away. Of course, the recipient probably wouldn’t mind the gorgeous Herend Chinese Bouquet set serving their special day breakfast, either.

Marie Antoinette Heart Limoges Box


Sterling Silver & Enamel Penguin Pair


Breakfast Bed Tray with Reading Rack, Mahogany Finish


Women’s Red Velvet Slippers with Fleur-De-Lis

Anti-Valentine’s Lovers

There is no doubt that Valentine’s Day comes with its set of preconceived notions for how you should celebrate it. This can be annoying and while we want to seize every chance to appreciate the special people in our lives, the over-the-top thematic celebrations are not for everyone. In these cases, we recommend you celebrate the holiday as just another day, with an added touch. You can use it as a chance to gift a practical item that you know your partner desperately needs, or make time for an after dinner drink with quality barware you can use for years to come since the idea is to value the people you cherish everyday and not on set “special” days!

Italian Leather Pocket Emptiers


Vanity Jewelry Box, Olive Shagreen


Moser Pebbles Champagne Flutes

Regardless of the type of date you choose, whether you stay at home or go out, we hope you have a pleasant day either alone or with someone special. Let us know how you spent the first Valentine’s of the decade below!

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