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“The Dolce Far Niente”: How to Master the Art of Doing Nothing


The season’s first wisp of cool crisp air  is an instantaneous reminder that not many pleasures compare to a cozy night in. You can make such an enjoyable night even better by setting aside a time to do nothing but soak in your immediate environment. Studies show that activity free downtime has important soothing effects on our brains and our bodies, with benefits that mimic those of meditation. In other countries, such as Italy, this practice is reinforced with idiosyncratic phrases dedicated to the concept of such leisure time; “la dolce far niente” being of them, roughly translating to “the art of doing nothing”. To set the perfect atmosphere for such a night we compiled a list of items to be thrown together and draped over, for lazy yet effortlessly chic nights in.

“Dolce Far Niente” in Italian art 
By John William Godward, 1904

The first area of focus is to make your space comfortable, and blankets are an absolute necessity. The season doesn’t yet call for the heaviest blankets but you don’t have to invest in the transitional throws, if double investment is not in your interest. If you like to be generally on the warmer side, go for the heavier piece for snuggling this season and use it functionally during the next. The faux fur throws below are the perfect luxurious investments: 


Faux Fur Brown Chinchilla Australian Geelong Wool Throw
Faux Fur Plaid Silver Fox Australian Geelong Wool Throw

These rarefied faux fur pillows can create the perfect soft center in your cozy cocoon:

Faux Fur Beige Pillows

However if warm isn’t your usual preference, and you generally prefer staying cooler, a transitional throw might be necessary.  The upside to getting such pieces, despite the need to reinvest in a heavier piece for the winter months, is that they last for a long time and can be used during this time of year, every year. The options below are the perfect transitional pieces: 

Plain Cashmere Throw
Pixel Cashmere Throw

The faux fur pillows are amazing at retaining heat but if that’s not what you are looking for in the warmer cool months, these tapestry pillows are the perfect alternatives:

Morris Flowers Tapestry Pillows

Once you have seating area arranged, the next step is to work in creating an atmosphere. The Danish and the Japanese believe so strongly in the mental effects of being in a certain atmosphere that the preparation practice is very common in both regions. The most important part of their planning process, is making sure that everything within the range of sight and smell is something that holds a strong meaning. For example, if you have fond memories of freshly cut grass, then the choice for a candle scent would be freshly cut grass. In Danish culture specifically, there is an obsession with coziness, which they call “hygge” and it is customary to place knickknacks or sentimental items that the person strongly associates with pleasure near their blanket haven. The point is to be surrounded by as many items that either evoke happy memories, or have a calming effect.

Danish Custom “Hygge”

These can further help you bring your selected items into a coherent style.


Lalique Votives
Brass Hurricane Lamp

Once you have the perfect mood lighting to go with your carefully curated items, you can place your favorite spreads on beautiful china and have an aesthetic meal!

Green Trellis with Scallions and Garlic Chip & Dip


Homely mugs add the cozy touch you need to complete the night:

Yellow Blue Flowers Mug


Royal Copenhagen Mug Set of 3

The items that you choose to accompany you for this recharging experience are secondary to the mindset that is required to make the night successful. The purpose is to let go of daily stresses and to practice mindfulness, in a time when much our routines are ingrained to be performed without much thought.  The familiarity of the items that you choose to be surrounded by add to a sense of belonging in a designated space, and can strengthen the bond between you and the place you call home.


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