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When you are ready to redecorate, there is nothing quite like having a stylist’s eye to weave coherence among singularly selected items and bring the vision of your perfect home to life. Without it, we are prone to self doubt and worse, may be over-stimulated by the amount of choices, leading to a home that is not quite what we envisioned. With a stylist like Jonathan Tait, the in- house interior designer of Scully and Scully, the process of decorating is not only guaranteed to be smooth but also an enjoyable experience. He earned himself a reputation as someone who is willing to both take the time to listen to your wants, and have the initiative to efficiently finish projects, with the clear goal of having you set up in your dream home in as little as time possible. With years of experience under his belt, and plethora of homes to list in his professional portfolio (some in different countries), Jonathan has proven himself to be an asset of the complimentary design services we provide at Scully and Scully. Read on to find out about how our interior design services, as well as some general decorating tips.

The Lady-like Dining Room (Jonathan’s work)

The interior design service has been offered at Scully and Scully for many years, though many people have yet to discover it. Customers can find Jonathan on the second floor of our store on Park Ave, in a corner dedicated to consultations, set up either by phone or via email. Everyone is encouraged to come in, even if they do not yet possess concrete ideas on the exact space they wish to create. The first meeting can be as general as establishing a theme for the room in question, and Jonathan will probe with all of the right questions, to make the vision become clearer. At times, he even sketches out entire rooms or homes based on client’s description to ensure strong parity on the end result.

Jonathan’s Sketches


Then, meetings begin to occur more frequently and outside of the store, with the general focus now being on shopping for the right items. Jonathan specializes in buying everything relevant to decorating, including but not limited to, wallpaper, curtains, lighting, art, furniture and home decor. While customers are encouraged to accompany him on these buying trips, usually within our store, or at times, at nearby locations, their presence is not required, as Jonathan is well equipped with accommodating busy schedules and can go on the trips alone and promptly communicate the options to clients. He often texts or calls to keep the process running smoothly and to acquire the items in a timely fashion.

The end results are something akin to the following:

The Office Study (Jonathan’s work)
The Family Room (Jonathan’s work)

 With a multitude of experience in creating classical homes, Jonathan substantiates most of the rooms with Scully and Scully items, which have a long standing reputation as being classical and traditional. Many of the larger projects that Jonathan works on either exclusively or majorly feature Scully and Scully house decor and  furniture, and often the exclusive items, which are valued for how they can breathe character into a room. Below, are some examples:



Garland Chairs
Edmund Swivel Armchair
Williamsburg Tufted Wing Chair
Mahogany Bookcase with Brass Lion Accents

Scully and Scully house decor is also prominent in many of the designs, and usually are chosen because of the strong way they complement the furniture, in both style and quality. Jonathan uses decor to create the most important ingredient of cohesion in a given space: accents. A pro tip from our designer: accents are not only created by color cohesion —  texture  or even metal forms such as brass, can be used to stylistically tie together a room!

Brass Piano Lamp
Lunar Brass Clock IV
Baccarat Céleste Wall Light
Christofle Céleste Brass Votive
Faux Fur Wolf Pillows
Handpainted Rose & Poppy Silk Pillows
Strawberry Thief Tapestry Umbrella Stand


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