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Timeless and Trending: Pearls are a Must

As purveyors of unique and exclusive luxury goods, our jewelry selection carries that same cadence. Shopping goes hand in hand with the holiday season and whether you are searching for a stunning present or treating yourself with something special, we have just the piece – or pearls.
Jewelry trends come and go but timeless pieces can truly last a lifetime. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but, “the pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens,” according to the words of Grace Kelly.

Pearls, aquamarine, and diamonds are in abundance in this breathtaking, expertly styled jewelry suite. Starting from the fingertips, these two (1, 2) gorgeous 18k white gold cushion checkerboard cut aquamarine rings feature a halo of sparkling, round-cut white diamonds.

Our platinum mabe pearl and diamond earrings make a perfect addition while also being able to hold their own as a stand-alone piece. Also, strings of pearls double to make up this bold yet delicate, hand-set bracelet.

Continuing the suite is the center of all the pieces: the 18k white gold aquamarine and pearl necklace. This necklace features two strands of 7mm cultured pearls with two faceted cushion cut aquamarine bezel-set gems. Accented with pave diamonds, this work of art will be the perfect accent for any individual.

Lastly, to tie it all together are these beautiful twin aquamarine and diamond earrings available in both clips and posts.

Our second pearl suite is only second in order, but by no means in quality. Kyanite will trade out the aquamarine for a darker shade of blue on this beautiful 18k white gold four-stone ring.

A matching bracelet is an absolute must. This single strand of pearls is adorned with dual kyanite gems and scatters of diamonds.

Similar to the bracelet, the necklace has the same pattern and essence of regality – and not to mention the exclusivity also.

Last but by no means least, the 18k royal blue kyanite and diamond herringbone earrings cascade so elegantly no other piece could best fit this suite.

Pearls are forever timeless and even now being used to break barriers and fashion norms – a perfect investment for any jewelry collection.

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