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November Bride of the Month: Meissen and Herend

November is winding down, which means our Bride of the Month has officially said “I do” to her china. The star of this month’s tabletop is none other than Meissen. The oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe, Meissen was founded in 1710 by King Augustus the Strong and continues to create stunning sculptures and china to this day.

The face of the tabletop is none other than the light blue Ming Dragon II. This design is an integral part of Meissen’s history, having been modeled after traditional porcelain designs as early as 1740. This staple piece is surrounded by other beautiful Meissen porcelain

For a small accent of color, the red band dinner plate is a classically simple addition. This plate can be used either for a simple table setting or an elegant layering option.

Staying with classic simplicity but adding a flair, the Noble Blue pattern has gorgeous blue and red details. Perfect for daily use or special occasions, this collection is another timeless design from Meissen.

The mug and teacup and saucer are perfect accessories for this tabletop.

But what is a tabletop without some décor? Any Herend piece will be a standout, but these Scully and Scully exclusive red foo dogs and fish scale large dinner plate give that original edge that puts you a step above the rest.

November’s Bride of the Month is rich in history, layers, and character.

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