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Whimsical Decor for a Happy Halloween!

hansel and gretel pewter scully and scully

Add whimsical additions this Halloween with German handmade pewter pieces.  The famous fairytale Hansel and Gretel is retold in this colorful set, including witch, candy house, and Hansel & Gretel themselves.  Each piece is handcast in slate engraved molds, then handpainted on both sides so it can face either way.

Take a peek to find other forest friends, including:

Austrian Bronze Standing Fox

Handmade figures individually cast, sculpted and handpainted with up to fourteen coats of pigment.

Large Silver Owl

This Florentine owl is entirely handmade in Italy with techniques used since the 17th century, including remarkably realistic feathering and a gold vermeil beak.

Peruse our full selection of Pewter and Austrian Bronze figurines. Have a safe and Happy Halloween!