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Warm Up with Gold Accents

Prized and celebrated for its richness, whether purely aesthetic or in actual worth, gold remains a timeless and chic addition to any living environment. Either modern or antique in form, a gold accented accessory makes a powerful statement at home. Do not be afraid to pair gold accents with both warm and cool colors. Its beauty lies in its versatility, adding grandeur to any surrounding.

From gilded mirrors to stately clocks, our Park Avenue showroom is a treasure trove of gorgeous pieces. Find decorating inspiration and some of our favorite selections below. And, be sure to follow us on on Pinterest for more stunning finds!

gold accents home decor library
Photo by Tara Shaw Maison


gold accents mirrors home decor
Designer Timothy Corrigan’s LA home. Photography by Roger Davies
home decor gold accents
From Christie’s Interiors, South Kensington, September 2013 Edition.
regency mirror antique gold scully and scully
Regency Mirror Antique Gold Leaf, scullyandscully.com
bristol rectangle coffee table gold scully and scully
Bristol Rectangle Coffee Table, scullyandscully.com
black lacquer chinoiserie clock gold home decor
Black Laquer Chinoiserie Mantel Clock, scullyandscully.com
beaufort chairs scully and scully
Beaufort Chairs, scullyandscully.com.
horse gold bookends scully and scully
Horse Bookends/Doorstops, scullyandscully.com