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Winter Game Night

As winter’s frigid reach extends increasingly farther into our lives, evermore we wonder how our cozy abodes can be made more comfortable, how our seasonal gatherings can be made more unexpected, and how our recreational outlets can be made more enjoyable. When temperatures drop below the double digits, it’s especially important to have surrounded oneself with several possible channels for entertainment. An immersive night of festivity can miraculously negate the exterior harshness of the wintry season, which is why it is essential to provide your interior space with a decadent warmth conducive to comradery. Fortunately, Scully & Scully has an exceptionally vast collection of opulent indulgences to ward of winter’s advance.

A highlight of this amusement collection, the Leather Championship Backgammon Set in Sky Blue is as addictively entertaining as it is elegantly designed. Handmade in England and available exclusively as Scully & Scully, the Dauphin calf leather is specially treated to be particularly robust, a perfect accentuation for both domestic raucousness and extravagances abroad. A game that traces its lineage back nearly five millennia, backgammon belongs to the large, ancient family of table games which continue to impress and inspire through a paradoxical blend of graceful straightforwardness and deceptive strategy. For those that have not yet attempted gameplay, there is perhaps no better time than surrounded by loved ones on a cold winter’s eve.

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