Scully & Scully and The Fund for Park Avenue: Tulips in Bloom

A stroll along Park Avenue reveals a lovely and colorful display of radiant tulips. The tulip plantings are carefully cultivated by The Fund for Park Avenue, responsible for the beautification of Park Avenue, including selected artwork, landscaping, and the annual Christmas trees displayed along New York City’s most famous avenue.

Scully & Scully hosted members and supporters of the organization this week to celebrate Spring and the arrival of the freshly planted tulips. Host Committee members designed beautiful tabletops from the store’s vast array of fine china, crystal, and silver offerings. The mix of fresh flowers made for a truly delightful, and inspirational, visual treat.

The evening also included a signing by author Betsy Pinover Schiff and her book, “Sidewalk Gardens of New York” which chronicles the “greening” of the city over the past 15 years.

Many thanks to President Barbara McLaughlin and to all of the Committee Members for making the evening such a success.

Scully & Scully
Betsy Pinover Schiff
Barbara McLaughlin, Michael Scully, and Betsy Pinover Schiff
Victoria and Anki Leeds
Martha Glass
Alison Mazzola
Barbara McLaughlin and Michael Scully
Michael Scully, Barbara McLaughlin, and Lisa Bernstein
Frances LaGatta-Shelton and Bill Brunder
Sharon Bush and Jean Shafiroff
Rene Gallager, Michael Scully, and Andrea Robinson


Jack Lynch and Polly Onet
Christopher Meigher and Michael Scully


Mark Gilbertson, Kevin McLaughlin, Karen Klopp, Barbara McLaughlin, and Jack Lynch
Melissa Morris, Chappy Morris, Wendy Sarasohn, John Yunis
Nancy Baker, Alison Mazzola, Sylvia Mazzola, Frances LaGatta-Shelton, and Barbara McLaughlin
Judy Mey and Eileen Judell

Photographs by Annie Watt

The Official Start to Summer: Hostess Gifts & Entertaining

Warm weather is finally upon us, with the upcoming Memorial Day weekend marking the official start to the summer season. For those of us on the East Coast, ocean escapes loom enticingly with the promise of relaxation and time with friends and family. But no matter where you plan to spend the holiday weekend, we have elegant gifts and accessories perfect for the summer season.  Entertain with summer-themed fine china and sterling silver, or accent your table with colorful Lalique and Herend.

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tulips fund for park avenue scully and scully

In Bloom: The Fund for Park Avenue

The famous Park Avenue tulips are on full display to usher in the spring season. Such gorgeous plantings only sprout from the careful planning and dedication of The Fund for Park Avenue members, which Scully & Scully is proud to support.  We held our annual fundraiser and party this week to celebrate spring and ensure the beautification of Park Avenue continues for many months to come. The night also offered the opportunity to host author Holly Peterson’s new book, The Idea of Him.  Holly delighted guests with a book signing, and even used characters from her book as “guests” at one of the elegant place settings throughout the store. With tulips galore, sparkling crystal, and the finest of table settings, the evening was the perfect way to celebrate spring.

holly peterson michael scully
Holly Peterson and Michael Scully
Barbara McLaughlin, Holly Peterson
Barbara McLaughlin, President of The Fund for Park Avenue (right) and Holly Peterson (left)
holly peterson the idea of him
Author Holly Peterson signing copies of her new book, “The Idea of Him”
holly peterson the idea of him book
Author Holly Peterson’s new book, The Idea of Him