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How To: Dish Room Essentials

“Art is the stored honey of the human soul.” – Theodore Dreiser

Although it carries an obvious functionality, fine china that conveys the spark of creativity is elevated beyond utility and into the domain of true art. As such, owners and collectors may find themselves wondering how to properly store and showcase their prized possessions. The dish room is thusly an essential element of home décor for those with admirable fine china collections.

The first and most fundamental element of the dish room is the room itself. It is recommended that this room be an open one, without any nooks or crannies, so as to present the entirety of one’s portfolio in a single cohesive statement. Shelves must be high enough to accommodate plates poised upright – this detail is critical to the display of the china – and should be deep set enough to house multiple plates and serving accessories.

The second element of a successful dish room is the most understated, but still important; the lighting. We at Scully & Scully like to think of lighting a dish room as analogous to lighting a museum or art exhibit – really, what is the difference? Diffuse lighting is crucial as it will evenly illuminate the dish room space, providing optimal viewing for the artisan patterns that adorn your china regardless of where they may live in your dish room. Additionally, we recommend that LEDs are used as they produce far less ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can damage and fade the colorful hand painted details on the porcelain.

Finally, there’s the china! Hand painted porcelain is available in such a wide variety of styles and patterns made by a similarly diverse multitude of artisan craftspeople that it truly qualifies as a distinct artform unto itself. Fortunately, we at Scully & Scully have diligently curated the world’s most exquisite collection of fine china and artisanal porcelain for both those who are looking to get started on their own personal dish rooms and those who are looking to add to their collections.

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