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Home Decor for the Idyllic English Country Home

Whether you live in a crowded metropolitan city or in a cottage surrounded by nature, we unanimously strive to build a peaceful sanctuary inside our homes. For this reason, this week’s blog is dedicated to a home design that is centered around coziness and comfort. While some interpret “English Country Home” as a style that strictly belongs at vacation homes, we argue otherwise, as the most “lived in” feel of a typical country house is suitable for the place you live in the most. Below, we have compiled some easy ways to breathe the quaint country charm to your living space, if not change it all together to get results much like the gorgeous homes below:


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credit: Pinterest
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As with every guide we provide on creating a theme, the first step is to define the notable characteristics. English country homes are associated with coziness, quaintness, serenity and traditionalism. Envision the charming homes in Jane Austen’s world — beautiful open spaces, unassuming wooden furniture, and small tucked away nooks, perhaps with a comfortable reading chair. Most of the items are in muted colors, though florals and exposed wood are a consistent design throughout the house. If you have the option, an ivy covered exterior is a the perfect thematic feature, that sets the stage before guests even enter your house.

credit: Pinterest
credit: Pinterest

The Reading Space

Since most of England is prone to fog and rain, it makes sense that old, rural English homes styled their reading rooms with special attention and love, since reading was the most popular form of indoor entertainment back then. Grand, tall bookshelves in dark brown colors, stacked to the rim with carefully curated collections of books, couldn’t be more representative of the old English charm. The addition of a cozy reading chair or sofa, topped with several needlepoint or tapestry pillows, help further transform this space into a tranquil oasis you won’t want to leave.

Below are some of our favorites for a cozy study/reading room with a traditional theme: 

Mahogany Executive Bookcase
Burr Elm Open Bookcase 72″
Harrison Swivel Chair
Richmond Chair & Ottoman
Utter Bliss Power Recliner
Mahogany Bookcase, Extra Wide
Leather Books Motif Screen
Blue & White Rectangular English Jar Lamp
English Riding Horse Lamp
Floral Needlepoint Pillows
Orchid Tapestry Pillows, White

The Greens & Florals

While our green friends are welcome at every home, they are especially fitting at English Country Homes. Opt for traditional white porcelain vases or cachepots in bright colors with a romantic design, to create a homey environment.

Magnolia Ceramic Planters
Herend Rothschild Bird Vase
Yellow and Green Bird Ceramic Tulipiere
Herend Blue Garland Bud Vases
Anna Weatherley Studio Collection Vases
Ming Urn Floral Ceramic Planters

You can place these beautiful pots anywhere, as long as there is some direct sunlight. It would be especially great at the corners of your home that could use the extra pop of color.

The Wooden Everything

As we mentioned above, one of the most defining characteristics of English homes is the use of wood, consistent throughout the house. While English Country Homes gravitate toward wooden furniture, featuring exposed wood on subtle non furniture items help bring the theme together:

Concord Clock on Walnut with Brass
George I Walnut Shield Armchair
Burr Elm Pot Cupboard
Burr Elm Campaign Desk
Satinwood Demilune Cabinet
Mahogany Floor Lamp
Fluted Mahogany Umbrella Stand
Walnut Queen Anne Table Clock Large
Regency Mahogany & Walnut Bookstand
Mahogany Rectangular Dining Table

Because this is a central focus that helps make the theme more prominent, we recommend quality pieces with a clean finish.


As you get ready to either breathe some English country flair in to your home or transform it completely, we hope you have fun with the project and enjoy the excitement it brings! As always, leave your comments below.


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